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How to Make Payment to A Merchant with Binance Pay via QR Code

How to Make Payment to A Merchant with Binance Pay via QR Code

2022-06-02 01:30
You can now make crypto payments to merchants with Binance Pay via QR codes. To use this service, please request a QR code from the merchant first.
1. Log in to your Binance App and tap the QR code scanner on the homepage. Scan the merchant's QR code.
2. You will see the payment details after scanning the QR code. Tap [Continue] after confirming the payment details.
3. You can then select the crypto to be utilized for your payment. Tap on the [>] to change the payment wallet or the crypto. Confirm the payment details and tap [Confirm].
Please note that in case the balance of your prioritized crypto is insufficient to cover the payment amount, multiple cryptocurrencies will be used in your preferred payment order to fulfill your payment.
4. Complete 2FA or enter your Pay PIN for payment verification. Please note that your Pay PIN will be locked upon 5 incorrect attempts.
If your Pay PIN is locked, you can try again after five hours.
5. After verifying your PIN, you will see the payment details. Your payment is now complete.

How to change your payment cryptocurrency/payment cryptocurrency order?

1. If you wish to change your payment cryptocurrency order, tap [>] next to [Currency] to view your available crypto balance for payment.
2. Simply drag the available crypto to arrange them in your preferred order. This setting will only apply to your current transaction and will not affect the payment priority order configured upon your Binance Pay setup.