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How to Create Binance Pay Payment Links to Receive Crypto

How to Create Binance Pay Payment Links to Receive Crypto

2023-01-20 03:31
You can use Binance Pay to create payment requests and receive crypto from your friends easily. Let’s see how to send and complete a payment request on Binance Pay.

How to request a payment via Binance Pay?

1. Log in to your Binance account and go to [Pay]. Tap [Receive] - [Request a Payment].
2. Select the cryptocurrency and enter the amount you want to receive. You can also switch the amount to your desired fiat currency for easier calculation. To help the counterparty understand the purpose of the payment request, you can also add a description.
3. Tap [Share Request Link] to share the link with the counterparty via social media platforms. Please note that not all social media platforms support the request link. If the link doesn’t work, you can send them your Binance Pay QR code directly to request a payment. You can also collect multiple payments using one request link.
Please note that the payment link will expire after 30 days.
4. You can check the payment progress by tapping the [History] icon in the top right corner. Select the transaction you want to view to see the payment progress in detail

How to complete payment after receiving the payment request?

1. Tap the link you receive and you will see the requestor's name and a description of the payment request. If you recognize the request, tap [Open Binance App].
In case the redirection doesn’t work, please ask the requestor to send you their Binance Pay QR code. If you don’t have the Binance App, tap [Download Binance App].
2. You will be redirected to the Collection Request page. Check the request details carefully before tapping [Send Now]. DO NOT proceed with the payment if the request comes from an unknown requestor. You can report any suspicious payment request via Binance Support.
3. Tap [Continue] to complete the verification, and the payment will be sent to the requestor.

Will the payment link expire?

Yes, the payment link will expire after 30 days. Please create a new payment request and share it with the counterparty.

Can I cancel the request?

Yes. If you want to cancel a request, please go to the [Request payment] details page and tap [Cancel] - [Confirm]. However, the payment you received won't be returned by the system. You can refund the payment to the payer manually if needed.