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How to start a battle

2020-10-19 15:06
Futures Battle Tutorial Video
I. Important to note before start:
  • The battle is currently available on BTCUSD perpetual contract, Coin-Margined Futures. Please make sure you have a futures account before participating in the battle;
  • Leverage and positions will be automatically set to 20x Isolated Margin during the battle;
  • Check if you have any position or open order on BTCUSD perpetual, please remove them to start the battle;
  • Please ensure that there is enough BTC balance in your futures coin wallet so that you have sufficient margin to support the number of orders placed in the battle;
  • You are not allowed to make any changes to the BTCUSD order placed during the battle in any other way, including change in leverage, quantity, reduce/close/open position, change in margin-mode etc. Users should self-assess any possible losses that arise from the abnormal battle result caused by those actions. Trading on symbols is not affected.
  • The same trading fee shall apply as the BTCUSD perpetual contract. Please refer to the Taker rate on the Coin-Margined Futures Trading Fee Rate
II. How to start a battle?
The battle will be launched on the Web and H5 page. Visit the Battle page to get started.
1. Battle entrance:
  • Web
Open Futures Trading interface, go to ‘Activities’, then click into ‘Battle’.
2. Choose the desired contract size 1/5/10/50 Contracts. If you expect prices to rise within the next 5 minutes, select “Long” to express your view. Conversely, if you expect prices to fall, select “Short”. The battle will start when an opponent is matched.
3. Waiting for a battle match-up.
4. Battle in progress: the latest price of BTCUSD perpetual contract is displayed in real-time along the bar, You may choose to end the battle manually after a 30-seconds countdown when the ‘End Battle’ button appears, or wait for the position to be auto-closed when TP/SL level is reached. Otherwise, the system will force-close the position at the end of the battle.
5. Your Battle results
III. Battle Rules
i.Winning conditions:
  • Long: closing - opening price > 0
  • Short: opening price - closing > 0
ii. First, choose the desired contract size of 1, 5, 10, or 50 contracts. Next, predict how the price will move in 5 minutes and select long or short to start the battle, the system will then auto-assign a player for your battle. In each battle, you are able to collect points regardless of whether you win or lose, please refer to Points Rules* for more detail.
  • Countdown 05:00-04:30min: User cannot close the position manually unless Take profit or Stop loss is triggered and the system automatically closes the order to exit the battle.
  • Countdown 04:29-00:00min: When the ‘End Battle’ button pops up, the user can choose to close the position manually or wait for the system to force-close the position at the time out to exit the battle.
iii. Every battle trade will be sent as market order type with Take profit/Stop loss, at the same time the isolated-margin mode is enabled.
The Take profit/Stop loss price is defined as a percentage of the opening price, condition as below:
Take long as an example, same logic for short:
  • Stop loss level: opening price - opening price * 0.13%
Exit the battle when: latest price <= Lose & exit price
  • Take profit level: opening price + opening price * 0.17%
Win & Exit the battle when: latest price >= Take profit level
*Points Rule (The points redeem scheme will be announced soon)
IV. Other functions
1. Winning Streak & Battle Point Leaderboards are automatically updated every 5 minutes.
2. Battle history
3. Share your battle result with your friends
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