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How to Participate in Binance Player of the Month Voting (POTM) Polls with Binance Fan Tokens

2022-02-18 16:15

How does the Player of the Month Voting Poll work?

Binance Fan Tokens allow fans to support their favorite teams and players in brand new ways. Binance Player of the Month (POTM) Voting Polls extend our regular Fan Voting Polls by allowing fans to vote for their favorite players and to award players in Binance Fan Tokens. To reward participation, fans can also win exciting prizes from featured teams.
Each Binance Fan Token holder is eligible to participate in the corresponding team’s POTM Voting Polls and in order to support their favorite players. Fans can cast their votes on a per match basis—which might happen with a monthly, weekly or seasonal regularity.

How to participate in Player of the Month Voting Polls?

1. Visit the Binance Fan Token Platform and choose your favorite team from the ‘Featured Teams’ section. Alternatively, you can access the latest POTM Voting Polls by clicking on “Go to Voting Polls" and then by selecting the "Player of The Month" tab.
2. You can also access the feature on each team profile page, by scrolling down to POTM Voting Polls under the ‘Voting Polls’ section, situated below the team description.
3. In order to participate in a POTM Voting Poll, you will first need to have a KYC verified Binance account and you will need to hold token(s) from the team, whose player you wish to cast your vote for. If you don’t own any tokens yet, read our Binance Fan Token FAQ page to get started and to find out how you can get your tokens.
4. Explore the latest Binance Player of the Month Voting Polls for each team and track which player is leading the voting leaderboard in real-time.
5. You can check the completion of each POTM Voting Poll and each team in the top left corner and you can find the active voting period below each team’s name.
6. Click on your preferred teams’ banner, featuring the top voted players, or click ‘View Details’ in the upper right corner of the team card to get an expanded view of the team leaderboard and to find open voting polls for the corresponding team.
7. By clicking on one of the matches, you will open a football field view for all team players you can cast your vote for. Click the jersey of the player you wish to cast your vote for and confirm the player of your choice and your vote in the pop-up window.
8. Return to the Binance Fan Token Platform for regular updates and to track the status of POTM Voting Polls for each match, as well as the overall leaderboard. Once all match votes are concluded, the final results will be revealed.
9. Find further details about past events under ‘Voting History’ at the top right corner, stay tuned and check back regularly to see who is awarded the title of Binance Player of the Month! Happy voting!