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Futures Grid Trading Auto Parameters Guide

2022-01-19 03:41
Grid trading is a strategic tool to automate buy and sell orders at preset intervals and preset price ranges in Binance Futures. The feature is designed to help users make profits on small price fluctuations as it performs best in volatile and sideways markets.
Traders can customize and set grid parameters on their own to define a range to profit from price volatility.
We acknowledge that not so many users know how to set parameters to build their own grid trading strategy. For this reason, we provide recommended parameters to help improve user experience and reduce the learning curve. These include lower price limit, upper price limit, and grid count.
With the new auto parameters function, anyone will be able to create a grid trading strategy with just one click.

How to use grid trading auto parameters?

1. Click [Strategy Trading] - [Futures Grid] located at the top-left corner of the Binance Futures trading interface.
2. Navigate to the right sidebar of the Futures Grid trading interface. On the [Auto] tab, verify the recommended parameters and set up your [Initial Margin].
3. Once you have decided the amount of margin that you want to allocate to your grid trading strategy, click [Create], and confirm your grid order so the system automatically places buy or sell orders at the preset prices. It is worth noting that the recommended parameters are set in a Neutral direction and in Arithmetic Mode by default.
Please be aware that the auto parameters function will not work when there is not enough trading history on a given asset. Under such circumstances, you will have to set the parameters manually as explained here or click [Copy parameters to Manual settings] to modify the lower price, upper price, and grid number.
How are auto parameters calculated?

Upper & Lower Price

  • Upper Band = MA + bbm * Standard Deviation
  • Lower Band = MA - bbm * Standard Deviation

Gird Number

Grid Number = (grid_upper_limit - grid_lower_limit)/ATR
*Average True Range (ATR) for the past pre-defined hours of the selected symbol
Risk Warning: Grid trading as a strategic trading tool should not be regarded as financial or investment advice from Binance. Grid trading is used at your discretion and at your own risk. Binance will not be liable to you for any loss that might arise from your use of the feature. It is recommended that you should read and fully understand the Grid Trading Tutorial and make risk control and rational trading within your financial ability. For complete strategy trading disclaimer, please refer to here.