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How to deposit/withdraw NGN on Binance using your bank account (Mobile and Web)
2019-10-24 07:11
Making a deposit to your Binance account only takes a few minutes to complete. In this short guide, we will show you how to complete the process.
Step1: Login your Binance account
Step2: Click “Fiat and Spot”
Deposit on Web
1. Click on Deposit at the top or simply scroll down to the NGN currency and click deposit.
2. Switch over to Fiat to initiate a payment from your bank account or card.
3. Select the currency payment method in this case, the NGN (Naira)
4. Enter the amount you intend to fund your account with.
Note the fees are far below 0.5 USD
5. Click “Continue” to proceed to the payment menu.
6. Collect the account details provided and make payment using your banking app. Then click on “I have made this bank transfer” to initiate the validation process.
7. Once the payment is completed, it will redirect to the Binance page. You can track the transaction in “Transaction History”.

1. Switch over to Fiat to initiate a payment into your Naira bank account.
2. Enter your desired withdrawal amount not less than 5,000 NGN and click Continue
3. Confirm your bank information and tap Continue to proceed
4. Click Confirm to authorize the transaction
5. Click on Send to receive your email verification code. Login to your mail to copy and paste the 6-digit code and input your Google Authentication code.
If you used SMS authentication, then copy and paste the code sent to you via short service code.
6. Click Submit to Continue
7. Check if you received your funds into your bank account.
8. After submitting the withdrawal request, you will receive the following window. You can track the transaction by clicking “View History”.
Deposit NGN on APP
1. Click on Deposit
2.Toggle to Cash to deposit NGN
Then click on NGN to select the Nigerian Naira.
3. Select Payment method, insert deposit amount, and click on Contin
4. Copy the account number and make the payment. Then click on “I Have Made This Bank Transfer” to proceed.
5. Wait for the countdown to payment confirmation
6. Your payment has been completed. Click to View History.
Withdraw NGN on APP
1. Click on Wallets
2. Choose Withdraw
3. Toggle to Cash to withdraw NGN
Then click on NGN to select the Nigerian Naira.
4. Click on NGN
5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click Continue
6. Verify your account details and click Confirm Withdrawal
7. Click Confirm
8. Click on send code, Copy code sent to your mail and Input Google verification code.
9. Click Submit to process your withdrawal
10. Your transaction has now been submitted.
11. Check to confirm your transaction is successful.
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