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How to use Binance Locked Savings

2019-08-23 08:58
Video Tutorial
Binance Locked Savings is one of the financial products we offer for you to increase your crypto holdings. You can subscribe to it at any time and earn passive income with your assets.
1. Log in to your Binance account. Click [Finance] and select [Binance Earn] from the drop-down menu.
2. Scroll down to [Savings] and click [View More], or you can access it directly from here.
3. Click [Locked Savings] to jump to Locked Savings. Here you can see the annualized interest rates and the fixed terms for each asset.
4. Select the duration for your asset and click [Transfer]. The system will require you to confirm the subscription information. Once you have entered the lot amount, the system will automatically calculate the expected interest you will receive on the redemption date.
  • Coin: the asset you are subscribing to
  • Activity duration: the length of the subscription
  • Lot amount: the amount of asset you wish to subscribe to (minimum 1 lot)
  • Interest per lot (annual interest rate): the estimated interest amount and the annual interest rate, calculated based on the coin and duration you select
  • Individual max: the maximum lot amount per user
  • Value date: the date when your asset start to calculate interest
  • Redemption date: the date when you can redeem your assets
  • Expected interest: the expected amount of interest you receive for the subscription
  • Automatically renew with Flexible Savings: you can choose to subscribe to Flexible Savings automatically on the redemption date, using the funds and interest you receive for Locked Savings
Before you click [Transfer confirmed], please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Spot Wallet.
5. After confirmation, the system will transfer the asset from your Spot Wallet to your Earn Wallet. You can view your subscription history by clicking [Account].
6. Your locked assets will be automatically redeemed on the redemption date and returned to your Spot Wallet along with interest. You can check your asset balance in your Spot Wallet.