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What is Binance P2P Merchant VIP Program

2021-11-25 07:21

What is the P2P Merchant VIP Program?

There are 2 levels in the Merchant VIP Program. All existing verified merchants will be given the VIP 1 (Verified Merchant) title. Verified merchants who have satisfied the following requirements in the month before will be automatically advanced to VIP 2 (Advanced Merchant).
To be qualified for VIP 2, you need to have:
  • A 30 day P2P trading volume of at least 6 BTC on Binance P2P in the previous month.
  • A 30 day P2P trading completion rate of at least 98% in the previous month.
VIP levels will be recalibrated before the 5th day of every month, and the trading records will be calculated based on the merchant’s previous month’s performance.

Perks of different VIP levels

  • VIP 1 enjoys a 20% basic fee rate discount on all fiat markets.
  • VIP 2 enjoys a 30% basic fee rate discount on all fiat markets.
    • VIP 2 merchants can also request new fiat currency pairs on the P2P market;
    • Top-performing merchants will receive gifts and merchandise to celebrate special occasions
  • VIP 3
    • Coming Soon
For example, if the current maker fee rate for the P2P USD market is 0.1%, the fee rate for VIP 2 merchants will be 0.1 x (1-0.30) = 0.070%.

How do I access the VIP program page?

You can check your current VIP level and progress under your profile page on the merchant portal.
  • Binance P2P VIP Program is not applicable to Block and P2Pro Merchants.
  • We will measure the performance of all merchants starting from December 2021. Merchants who satisfied the requirements can advance to the Advanced Merchant Tier (VIP 2) in January 2022.
  • Once you have leveled up, you can repost your current ads to enjoy the new fee rate. If you have leveled down, all of your current ads will be automatically closed and you need to post new ads again.
Disclaimer: Binance P2P team reserves the right to suspend or terminate your P2P activities if we identified fraudulent trading activities on your account, including but not limited to wash trading to improve your monthly trading performance.