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How to Use Isolated Margin Trading

2020-06-28 06:09
Tutorial video

1. Log in

Log in to your Binance account and click [Trade] - [Margin].
Search for a trading pair and scroll down to the trading panel. Click [Isolated 10x].
Note: You can refer to the [Margin Trading Steps] or click on [Margin Tutorial] to learn more about margin trading.

2. Transfer Collateral

Click [Transfer] to transfer collateral to or out of your Margin Account.

In the Transfer pop-up window, confirm the transfer from your [Fiat and Spot Wallet] to your [Isolated Margin Wallet]. Select the coin and enter the amount, then click [Confirm].

3. Borrow

Alternatively, if you want to borrow collateral, click [Borrow].
In the Borrow/Repay pop-up window, choose the [Pair] and [Coin] to borrow. Enter the [Amount] and confirm the hourly interest rate, click [Confirm Borrow].

4. Trade

After transferring or borrowing collateral, you can start trading. Choose the order type (Limit, Market, OCO, or Stop-limit]) and trading method (Normal, Borrow, or Repay). Enter the buy or sell [Price] and [Amount], then click [Buy/Sell BTC].
You can also select [Automatic Borrowing] or [Automatic Repayment] to carry out [Margin Buy] or [Margin Sell]. Please refer to How to Use the One-Click Borrow & Repay Function for more information on Borrowing + Trading or Repayment + Trading.

5. Repay

After realizing your profit, you can repay your debt (amount borrowed + interest) by clicking [Borrow].
In the Borrow/Repay pop-up window, switch to the [Repay] tab. Select the [Coin] and enter the [Amount] to repay, then click [Confirm Repayment].
Please note that you must repay using the same coin you borrowed for your Cross/Isolated Margin trading. For example, if you borrow 10 BTC, you need to repay 10 BTC (plus interest).

How to view my assets and liabilities?

You can view your assets and liabilities from [Wallet] - [Margin] - [Isolated]. You can filter trading pairs by [Search coin].
You can also view your risk ratio, position value, and liquidation price under the [Positions] tab.

How to view my order history?

Click [Orders] - [Margin Orders] - [Isolated].
You can filter orders by order type, date, trading pair, and side.