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How to set up a Binance Pay account?

2021-04-23 01:03
Setting up Binance Pay is simple if you already have a Binance account. Otherwise, you can register here before proceeding to set up your Binance Pay account.

Follow the instructions below to set up your Pay account:

1. Log in to the Binance App, click on [Profile] - [Pay].
2. Click [Open Pay Wallet].
Note: If you have not set up your Binance Pay account and would like to complete a crypto payment, please scan the payment QR code using the in-app QR code scanner. The app will direct you to complete the Binance Pay account set up.
3. Create your unique Binance Pay Nickname. Please note that you will not be able to change your Nickname afterwards.
If you already have a Binance Nickname, it will be automatically applied here.
4. Set your Pay PIN
5. You can top up your Pay Wallet now, or skip this step by clicking [Skip for now].
To top-up, select your desired currency, enter the amount and confirm.
Congratulations, your Pay Wallet has been successfully set up.
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