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Your Guide to Position Limit Adjustment

2021-11-17 04:04
Binance Futures has launched the Futures position limit self-adjustment tool. You can now visit the position limit page to increase or decrease your position limit.

What is a position limit?

To maintain system security and stability, our system sets a max position for different leverages.
For example, when you trade BNBUSDT and select 20x, the max position you can hold is 250,000 USDT. Higher leverage results in a lower max position and vice-versa.

Where can I adjust the position limit?

You can adjust it in [Preference] - [Position Limit Enlarge].
Alternatively, you can access it via [Leverage] - [Adjust Margin] - [Position Limit Enlarge].
You can also access it via [Trading Rules] - [Leverage & Margin] - [Position Limit Enlarge].

For App users, you can click [Futures] - [Settings] - [Position Limit Adjustment].

How do I adjust my position limit?

Step 1: Check your maximum position increase ratio
Your maximum position limit is based on a trading score generated from your past trading behavior. For example, if your maximum position limit ratio is 50%, it means you can open 150% of the default position after increasing your position limit.
Step 2: Adjust your position limit
Click [Increase] and select the symbol you want to adjust. Click [Confirm]. Your position limit increase will take effect immediately. Please note that you need to manually adjust each symbol separately.
Step 3: Check My Adjustment
To view your position limit details, go to [Position Limit Adjustment Data] - [My Adjustment].
Please note that after making the adjustment, the max leverage can only be set to 20x.

How do I calculate my max position limit increase ratio?

Our system will automatically evaluate your trading risk and generate a comprehensive score based on past trading volume, maker order volume, leverage, and open interest. Your max adjustable ratio will be based on the score given to you. You can check the position limit adjustment page on the first day of each month. The ratio will change automatically according to your trading score.
  • Standard position limit adjustment for newly created subaccounts
For newly created subaccounts: Max adjustable ratio by default = Max adjustable ratio of the account ranked 3rd quartile* in terms of trading performance among user’s active futures accounts over the past 180 days
For instance, let’s consider a trader with 100 active futures trading subaccounts in the past 180 days.
The newly opened subaccount Max adjustable ratio by default will be equal to its #25 best performing subaccount’s Max adjustable ratio
  • Standard position limit adjustment for existing subaccounts
For existing sub-accounts: Max adjustment ratio by default = max (current existing sub-account performance rating, 3rd quartile ranked account performance among user’s active futures accounts over past 180 days)
Let’s take the same trader as an example:
-For his #25 best performing subaccount: Max adjustable ratio by default = current one
-For his #26 best performing subaccount: Max adjustable ratio by default = #25 Max adjustable ratio
*3rd quartile = middle value between the median and highest performing sub-accounts among users’ active futures sub-accounts over the past 180 days, when accounts are sorted by performance. E.g. considering 100 subaccounts ranked from top performing to lowest performing, the top performing subaccount being #1, and the lowest #100, subaccount #25 will be the 3rd quartile.

Fee schedule for position limit increase

The increase fee is 20 USDT/month for USDT perpetual trading pairs and 10 USDT/month for BUSD trading pairs. Once your position limit increase is confirmed, the fee will be automatically deducted from your USDⓈ-M Wallet on the first day of each month. The adjusted fee for the first month will be calculated proportionally based on the remaining days of the month, and the fee will be deducted immediately. If you cancel the service in the same month, your fee will not be rebated.
For example, if you increase the BNBUSDT position limit on 10 November, 20/30*20 = 13.3 USDT will be deducted on 10 November. If it is not reduced before 1 December, 20 USDT will be deducted on 1 December.

How do I cancel position limit adjustments?

For VIP0 - VIP3, please visit the position limit adjustment page.
For VIP4- VIP9, please visit the position limit adjustment page.
Please note that if you don’t use the increased position within 15 days, the position limit will be automatically reduced to its original size.

How do I adjust the position limit for sub-accounts?

To adjust your sub-account position limit, go to the position limit adjustment page. You may select any of the associated sub-accounts (including virtual accounts) by simply scrolling down through the [Select Account] menu.