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PHB Trading Airdrop on Binance DEX-15,000,000 PHB to be Airdropped!
2019-06-20 03:51

To promote the launch of native PHB integration, PHX/PHB 1:1 swapping, and staking on, Binance and the Red Pulse team will be committing a total of 15,000,000 PHB to a trading airdrop on Binance Chain/DEX. The rules for the trading airdrop are as follows:

Activity Period: 2019/06/21 0:00 AM -2019/07/01 0:00 AM (UTC)

Activity Rules:

All Binance Chain addresses that reach a trading volume of 25,000 or more PHB (including buys and sells) on Binance DEX at any PHB trading pairs during each full day, while also holding a minimum of 5,000 PHB and 5 BNB in their address at the end of the day, will equally share a pool of 1,500,000 PHB tokens. The recorded trading volume on each address will reset daily at 0:00 AM UTC.

Activity terms & conditions:

  • Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules at our sole discretion.
  • Each full day refers to 0:00 AM to 0:00AM of the next day (UTC), a full 24 hours.
  • PHB and BNB balances for each day will be recorded in the last Binance Chain block after 0:00 AM (UTC), on the next day.
  • The recorded PHB trading volume on each address will reset daily at 0:00AM (UTC).

Rewards will be automatically airdropped to eligible addresses at approximately 06:00 AM (UTC) each following day.

Please ensure that you are familiar with Binance Chain and Binance DEX before participating in the activity. Step-by-step user guides are listed below.

Risk warning: All investments are subject to high market risk. Please make your investments very cautiously.

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