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Why do I believe so strongly in the bull market?

I've been through the complete bull and bear cycle

At this moment, the pulse of the market is beating in my heart, and I know that we are in the rhythm of a mid-term bull market. However, the market during the Spring Festival, with its excessive enthusiasm, is as bright and short-lived as fireworks, but it brings a lot of harm to novices in March and April.

Especially for those newcomers who have just entered the market and have not experienced the ups and downs, I sincerely hope that they will not lose their way due to the sudden bull market.

Why do I think this is the prelude to a mid-term bull market?

The ETF wave is in the ascendant and has not yet reached its climax; many countries have included it in regulations;

During the U.S. election, I am well aware of the responsibility and mission of the Federal Reserve, which is to revitalize the economy, and its secret currency printing press is its potential weapon and a booster for the bull market.

This time, although it was not ostentatious, the effect was still significant. Cryptocurrencies and the U.S. stock market are unique, but the leading role of ETFs is attracting a flood of funds.

Catalysts driving the bull market: the prevalence of ETFs, the push for global regulations, the prospect of the U.S. election, the flow of funds, the outlook on the charts, the firmness of the U.S. dollar—all these factors are the forces driving the bull market forward.

What I believe in most is still the upcoming US election. In this bull market, grasping the rhythm is the key to success. Seize the moment, understand the value, and develop a personal portfolio plan.

Walking on the right path and taking steady steps can achieve twice the result with half the effort.​

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Bittensor is a project that combines cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence to promote people to work together on machine learning. Incentivize the development of machine intelligence by giving TAO tokens as rewards to users who contribute valuable data or computing resources. Bittensor (TAO) is a pioneering miracle that combines the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a global decentralized network. We can think of it as the result of the cooperation of an international team on an open source platform to create a more intelligent, efficient and scalable artificial intelligence computing system.

Bittensor is unique in its sophisticated consensus mechanism, which combines the characteristics of deep learning and blockchain consensus algorithms. The core concept of Bittensor is decentralization, like a global brainstorming meeting without a central authority. By building infrastructure on the blockchain network, Bittensor enables the sharing and training of machine learning models across long distances and different communities, thereby promoting the exchange of ideas and rapidly driving the development of innovation.


As a cryptocurrency based on online memes, SHIB was born as a fun tribute to Doge. The core value of SHIB lies in its strong social media influence, strategy of reducing supply by burning tokens, and constantly improving ecosystem.

On the daily candlestick chart, SHIB's price has steadily recovered driven by the rising trend line. This momentum has lifted it from the low of 0.0000183 on April 13 to 0.000024, an increase of 40%.

SHIB's market value currently reaches $14.7 billion, while the 24-hour trading volume has dropped to $250 million.

If the aforementioned support level can be maintained, buyers may break through the swing high resistance of 0.00003. Such a breakout would further confirm a shift in sentiment from selling on rallies to buying on pullbacks. A rally following the breakout could push this asset towards 0.000038, or even higher to 0.000054.


Telegram Open Network is a groundbreaking blockchain platform developed by messaging giant Telegram. Toncoin (TON) is the primary Telegram Open Network cryptocurrency. The fast transaction speeds and low costs associated with it suggest that TON has the potential to revolutionize traditional payment methods.

Recent Performance: Since its launch in 2020, TON has been growing steadily, with transaction levels rising sharply recently. Potential Reasons for a Surge: TON has the potential to grow in a short period of time due to the large number of Telegram users, the rapidity and scalability inherent in TON, and the inherent speed and scalability of TON. In addition, further adoption of the Telegram Open Network is expected to further strengthen TON. Possible reasons for the surge could include the rapidly growing Telegram user base, while the inherent scalability and speed of TON would allow it to expand rapidly. Additionally, the continued emergence of the Telegram Open Network (TON) will further boost its adoption.


Notcoin is a new cryptocurrency in the TON ecosystem that was launched in 2024 and has quickly attracted more than 35 million users. Notcoin is also one of the most popular altcoins due to its amazing price performance in the past few days. NOT is the native currency of Notcoin, a web3 game on Telegram that allows you to earn money while playing. Notcoin quickly became the fourth most traded cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT, with a weekly increase of up to 350% and a daily trading volume of $4.3 billion.

The enthusiasm of Telegram’s applet and the seamless integration of Notcoin continue to play an important role in its upward trajectory. This strategic move not only expands Notcoin’s user base, but also provides a solid platform for its adoption. In addition, the increase in whale activity (notably, one whale holds $862,000 in unrealized profits) indicates that large investors are increasingly confident in Notcoin’s future prospects.

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