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2/➮ RWA narrative is catching everyone's eye, making it the next big thing after SOL meme coins in 2024.

☩ The forecast says the RWA market will reach a valuation of $16 trillion by 2030.

3/➮ I've spent 3 weeks researching unique-tech RWA projects that have the potential to get noticed by BlackRock

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4/➮ $TRADE l @Polytrade_fin

☩ Polytrade is set to become a major RWA marketplace, offering a diverse range of assets for everyone.

☩ Mcap: $87.4M

☩ Price: $2.67

5/➮ $MPL l @maplefinance

☩ Maple provides an institutional on-chain lending network, blending traditional finance with DeFi. It ensures compliance & due diligence, leveraging smart contracts for efficient growth.

☩ Market cap: $146.8M

☩ Price: $18.7

6/➮ $DUSK l @DuskFoundation

☩ It's a privacy-centered blockchain designed for financial services. It supports both regulated & decentralized finance, including funding and automated trading via smart contracts.

☩ Mcap: $239.6M

☩ Price: $0.48

7/➮ $LCX l @lcx

☩ LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, blends traditional finance and blockchain technology, leading innovation in global financial tech.

☩ Mcap: $282M

☩ Price: $0.3635

8/➮ $SLN l @SmartLayer

☩ Smart Layer introduces an innovative layer for digital environments, enabling seamless token logic and promoting a tokenized web with extensive integration potential.

☩ Mcap: $53.5M

☩ Price: $3.38

9/➮ $IXS l @IxSwap

☩ This platform will be the first in DeFi to facilitate security token trading through licensed custodians and brokers, guaranteeing real ownership and rights over RWA.

☩ Mcap: $116.2M

☩ Price: $0.7

10/➮ @blocksquare_io | $BST

☩ Blocksquare, with its team of seasoned co-founders, is creating a top blockchain system for tokenizing real estate.

☩ Mcap: $34.1M

☩ Price: $0.7049

11/➮ $GFI l @goldfinch_fi

☩ Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol supporting emerging markets by offering ROI to lenders and crypto loans to trustworthy borrowers without requiring crypto collateral.

☩ Mcap: $310.7M

☩ Price: $4.35

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