The data released by the United States last night showed that the unemployment rate in March was 3.8%, the expected value was 3.9%, and the previous value was 3.9%...

The seasonally adjusted non-farm payrolls in the United States in March were 303,000, the expected value was 200,000, and the previous value was 270,000

The unemployment rate has not changed much, ranging from 3.7% to 3.9% since August last year, but the non-farm payrolls data exceeded expectations, showing that the US economy is still strong, which potentially weakened the urgency of the Fed's interest rate cut. After the data was released, the interest rate swap market postponed the Fed's interest rate cut date from July to September for the first time. The Fed may postpone the interest rate cut, and the probability of a rate cut in June has further decreased to 54%, with a probability of 50-50.

Are you panicking? Brother Ming is very calm, because we are in the bull market cycle. Short-term data affects the market, and long-term is driven by fundamentals (halving of the big cake + Fed rate cuts). Strong data is nothing more than the Fed cutting interest rates two months later, which does not change the progress of the bull market cycle. It is very important to understand this. Brother Ming has pointed out that April will be a repeated process, as was the case with the previous two cycles. The volatility will intensify, and it will be fine if we can get through it. The short-term pain period will soon pass, so just hold on.

In the bull market cycle, time is on the side of the bulls. After the big cake is halved, the second half of the bull market has just begun. There is no need to panic, it is still flat.

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