Global Cryptocurrency Fundraising Report

This report offers an overview of the

deals within the global crypto market in February 2023. The goal is to generate valuable information that can be used to pinpoint distinct crypto and blockchain market trends and anticipate future developments. CoinCarp will stay abreast of the changes and developments in the crypto landscape and release a monthly report to keep its readers informed. If you have any feedback, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Crypto Fundraising Global Landscape

In February, the total number of crypto fundraising deals was 143, an increase of 33.64% from 107 in January 2023; the total financing in February was US$1.13B, an -11.54% decrease from the previous month. 8.39% of the crypto projects are in the Seed series stage. From the perspective of fundraising scale, there were 25 projects fundraising above $10M, which has increased 56.25%, compared to January 2023. By geography, a total of 41 projects founded in the United States of America received $346.00M, becoming the country with the largest number of crypto fundraising projects in the world. Among the $10M fundraising deal projects, mainly the United States of America, Israel, United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Global Crypto Fundraising Trend

Crypto Fundraising Deal Count by Sector

In February, out of the 143 projects that were successfully financed, 54 of them were

projects, constituting 37.76% of the total projects. These projects raised a total of US298.67M, which is 37.76% of the total funds raised that month. This amount is US$108.99M lower than the funds raised in January 2023.

Out of the 143 Web 3 projects, the most relevant are those related to the Gaming category, with 18 being in the Gaming category and 3 in the Metaverse category.

In addition to Data, Identity, Music, and Developers, other categories of related Web 3.0 projects.

In February, a total of 24 projects involving blockchain infrastructure received $339.20M in funding, representing 29.96% of all financing.

There were 25 

-related projects, making up 17.48% of all financing projects in February. The total amount of DeFi-related projects raised was $100.15M, representing 8.85% of the total financing, this was an increase of 50.53% compared to January 2023.

On February, 2 

projects were funded, comprising 1.4% of the total number of financing projects. Altogether, these projects raised $33.00M, which was 2.91% of the total financing in February, representing a -84.19% decrease from January 2023.

Additionally, there were 27 

projects that received a total of $203.06M in financing. Representing 17.94% of all funding, this was an increase of 129.97% compared to January 2023.

The chart above illustrates the proportions of different types of projects that receive funding: Web3, NFT, infrastructure, Cefi, Defi, and Others.

Crypto Fundraising Deal Count by Transaction Type

The majority of raised funds for the crypto market come from Seed rounds, the total amount is $288.18M in February. The aggregate deal value of Seed for February is higher than the previous month by 132.43%. The biggest Seed round fundraising is $20.00M, when Space Hero gets funding in February 2023.

Number of Investments by Investors

In February, Coinbase Ventures had the most investments, with a total of 8 projects, including 4 DeFi, 2 Web3, 1 Other, 1 Infrastructure, and 1 NFTs project.

Also, Shima Capital has invested in 7 projects, with 3 of those investments going towards Web3 projects, 3 towards Infrastructure projects, and 1 toward DeFi project.

Fundraising Count by Transaction Type

Top 5 Crypto Fundraising Deals In February

  • TOKHIT($100.00M) | TOKHIT is the app where creators, influencers and crypto enthusiasts share experiences, connect with their followers and where content is rewarded using the Blockchain Technology

  • Chain Reaction($70.00M) | Chain Reaction is an Israeli startup that is designing semiconductors and related architecture to use in blockchain and privacy hardware running cryptographic processes — with participation from Atreides Management, BlueRun Ventures, Exor Seeds, Hanaco Ventures, Jerusalem Venture Partners, KCK, Morgan Creek Digital

  • Taurus($65.00M) | Taurus SA is a Swiss company, founded in April 2018, that provides enterprise-grade infrastructure to issue, custody and trade any digital assets: cryptocurrencies including staking, tokenized assets and digital currencies. — with participation from Arab Bank Switzerland, Cedar Mundi Ventures, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Investis, Pictet Group

  • SALT($64.40M) | SALT was founded in 2016 by a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts who aimed to prove that people didnt need to compromise their lifestyle or forego their needs in order to pursue a long term outlook on cryptocurrency.

  • Sabre56($35.00M) | Sabre56 is a company that consults miners on the development and operations of facilities

Top Crypto Fundraising Deals

*The data presented is based on information extracted from CoinCarp Fundraising Database. Announced deals were used in the analysis. Some announced deals might not go on to complete, where deals have failed to complete and were indicated in the data as canceled or withdrawn, they were removed from our dataset. The deal count figures presented in this report refer to the number of deals announced, and whether or not a value has been disclosed for the deal.