Picture this: Colin Kahl, a top Defense official, sitting in a fancy Paris hotel, about to make a call that could change the course of events in Ukraine. But the person he's calling isn't a diplomat; it's #ElonMusk . 📱

Why Musk? Well, his company, #SpaceX , had been giving Ukraine Internet access, which was vital for their defense. But here's the twist - if the U.S. didn't pay $400 million a year, SpaceX threatened to cut the connection. 😳

This unusual situation started when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. Alongside traditional warfare, Russia attacked Ukraine's digital systems. So, some Ukrainian officials and tech-savvy folks had an idea: Starlink, a system Musk created. It's a network of small satellite dishes that look a bit like Musk's #Teslacars - sleek and modern. 🚗

These dishes were perfect because they could keep Ukraine connected even if Russia tried to break it apart. But there was a hitch - Musk had complete control. He could turn off the Internet for Ukraine whenever he pleased. 😬

At the time, though, everyone was focused on saving lives, not thinking about who held the power. 🇺🇦

This story shows how the world has changed. Tech giants like Musk aren't just building rockets; they're shaping geopolitics. And sometimes, even governments have to make calls to tech billionaires to keep the world running. 🤝 #ElonMusk #Ukraine #TechDiplomacy