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How Do I Become A Binance P2P Merchant?


Main takeaways:

  • Binance P2P is an easy-to-use platform that lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly with other users.

  • Merchants at Binance P2P can enjoy benefits including special promotions, access to more trading tools, verified badges,  exclusive customer support, and more.

Want to take your crypto experience on Binance P2P further? Discover the benefits of becoming a merchant on Binance P2P. 

Peer-to-peer or P2P trading involves direct cryptocurrency transactions between users without intermediaries or a third party. Unlike traditional exchanges, buying and selling crypto on a P2P marketplace does not include charts and market indicators. 

To provide better liquidity and competitive prices for users, Binance has launched a Global P2P Merchants Program to enroll users with fiat and crypto access as merchants on the P2P platform. 

If you’re looking for a secure way to trade fiat and crypto within your local communities, Binance P2P is a great place to start. It offers a user-oriented fiat currency trading platform where you can earn profit by posting trading advertisements and completing P2P trades. 

What is a P2P Merchant? 

P2P merchants play a key role in providing liquidity on the Binance P2P marketplace. They can enjoy more benefits and earn revenue by providing fiat currency payment solutions on our P2P platform. 

Why become a P2P Merchant? 

Industry-leading security

Every trade on Binance P2P goes through our escrow service to ensure secure and fair trading. Once a buyer completes their order, we hold your cryptocurrency in a temporary deposit until both parties confirm the transaction is successful. If any issues occur during the transaction, merchants can file an appeal, and our customer service will mediate the problem.

Exclusive customer support

If you have any inquiries or encounter an issue with the Binance P2P trading platform, you can quickly seek one-on-one assistance from Binance’s customer support team. Our customer support team will provide fast responses to your requests via Live Chat support. 

Special promotions only for merchants

Binance P2P often launches special fee discount promotions only for merchants. Merchants will also have access to P2P meetups, events and online webinars.  

Customize your trading

With over 300 payment methods, including SEPA, Cash App and bank transfer, and more than 70 local fiat currencies, Binance P2P provides a more customizable trading experience over traditional methods like spot trading. 

Advanced ad management

Binance P2P merchants can access more trading tools via the merchant portal to better manage advertisements and trading activities. Moreover, verified merchants can enjoy thelowest fee on the market for posting ads, from 0% to 0.35%. 

Verified Badges

All verified merchants get a yellow badge beside their nickname. Verified merchants have more credibility, and their offers will stand out compared to those without a yellow badge. 

Become a P2P Merchant On Binance Today

Are you interested in becoming a P2P merchant? Log in to Binance and then click on "Become a Merchant". Once you’ve completed your identity verification and SMS or email authentication, you have to deposit a certain amount of USDT in your funding wallet before you can apply as a Binance P2P merchant. 

Once you’ve met all the requirements and submitted your application, our P2P team will contact you within a few days if you are qualified.

For more information on Binance P2P, you can read our helpful resources below:

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