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12 Money Challenges For A Year Of Fun Saving


Hello, 2022! A new year, a fresh beginning and a revamped list of resolutions to achieve. 

How many of you are committed to saving more in 2022? If you’re finding it hard to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions of saving for a rainy day, why not refresh your goals every month with some original ideas to make saving more fun? We’ve come up with a list of 12 monthly money challenges to help you (and your money) grow this year.

Are you ready? Your money-saving plan for 2022 starts now!

January: Save For A Rainy Day

Match your dollar to the weather! Each week in January, check the temperature and put in as much money as the hottest temperature clocked for the week into your savings account. For the hardcore, use Fahrenheit instead of Degrees Celcius. 

February: Stop Them Subscriptions 

It’s time to make some Marie Kondo magic and declutter all your unnecessary subscriptions.

Pause, take a mental inventory of all your subscriptions and calculate how much you fork out annually without even realizing it. Subscriptions may start as convenient purchases, but it’s tough to keep track of all of them. As you accumulate a cloud service here, another video streaming service there, all the subscriptions eventually snowball into an avalanche of unnecessary services. Be ruthless in cutting out all the five-dollar-a-month cooking, fashion and sports magazines you signed up for three years ago to entertain yourself during the pandemic. This may include multiple music-streaming services (a good rule is two, for your two ears), movie-streaming platforms (again, two, for that pair of eyes), rarely-used delivery services, memberships to shops you stopped loving, cloud services that provide you with more convenience than you need, and even empty bank accounts you’re still paying fees for. Start spring cleaning and get rid of all unnecessary subscriptions bogging down your bank account pronto! 

March: Dine-In Diaries

Now that Valentine's Day is over, you can hunker down and try this out. For the month of March, save money by choosing to prepare your own meals at home instead of dining out. (And yes, this includes getting takeout or dropping by your nearest Starbucks for coffee.) Dining at restaurants and eateries typically involves price markups due to rent, labor and the money-making agenda of dining establishments. In contrast, cooking at home can save you some serious cash. Even if you spend a modest $20 a day dining out, that still racks up to a whopping $600 bill a month! Put aside a grocery budget and try making meals as often as possible for this month. You don’t just get to save money; you also have more control over your diet, allowing you to knock off that other New Year’s Resolution of eating healthier.

April: The Best Things In Life Are Free

Take these four weeks to find a money-saving hobby. Learn how to make your own jewelry or beaded mask straps, drop by the library every week, go on nature hikes, discover your local thrift stores, grow your own food at home… the list is endless. Enrich your life with hobbies that don’t cost much and discover a new passion. Out of ideas? Google ‘things to do for free near me’, and you’ll be surprised at how many fun, free things you can do!

May: The 4th Be With You

This one’s for the Star Wars fans! On the 4th, 14th and 24th, deposit $4, $40 and $400 into your savings account respectively. It may sound a little daunting if you’re not used to saving, but as Yoda once said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

June: Fivers Challenge

Got loose change? Keep them! Separate your $5 bills and stash them away in jars, shoe boxes or saving accounts instead of spending them. Depending on how frequently you use cash, these bills can add up quickly within four weeks. 

July: Binance Birthday Special

It’s our birthday month! To celebrate taking charge of your finances with Binance, take part in this monthlong Binance Earn mission list: 

  • Mission 1: Automate your purchase and income-earning with an Auto-Invest plan.

  • Mission 2: Maximize income potential with BNB Vault.

  • Mission 3: Earn yield on not one but two assets with Dual Investment

  • Mission 4: Earn rewards with DeFi Staking.

We’re turning five this year, so do keep an eye out for special activities and events created for you on the Announcements page! Get ready for the exclusive rewards and fanfare for our milestone anniversary!

August: Calendar Check

Fun fact: it’s already week 31 of the year. Deposit 31 dollars on week 31, 32 dollars on week 32 and so on until the end of August. That’s 130 dollars of savings this month!

September: Hardcore No-Spend Challenge

We’re so close to the holiday season! With the upcoming season of gifting, it’s time to buckle down and get serious with saving. September is The Month to cut out all excessive spending, and the rules are simple. You can only spend on necessities and- well, that’s it. And no, eating out, shopping, snacks, buying games, taking taxis instead of public transport and delivery services are not considered essential purchases. Remember, we’re preparing for the incoming damage to our wallet by our end-of-year festive affairs.

October: Tenners Challenge

Meet the Fivers Challenge older brother, Tenners. You’ve guessed right – it’s the return of the dollar bill challenge but more intense in preparation for the holiday season. Drop all your $10 bills into your piggy bank this month to save more, faster. By Halloween, you should have enough tenners to buy you all the candy you want. (But maybe don’t.)

November: You Shall Pay For It

We’re nearing the end of the year, which means it’s time to check up on your New Year’s Resolutions. Revisit your list of goals for 2022 and pay $50 to yourself for every unaccomplished goal. Even if you don’t achieve all of them by this year, you’ll still be knocking that money-saving goal out of the ballpark. Finding inspiration for your 2022 resolutions? Check out this list for a more productive year!

December: High Cashback? Hello, Cashback!

You’ve made it to the end of the year! Congratulations on all the saving you’ve been doing for the past 48 weeks, from saving loose change to greater lifestyle changes. This month, it’s time to celebrate your financial victories, cut loose (change), and have fun. We’ve saved (ha ha) the best challenge for last. In December, you get to spend all you want! But where’s the challenge you ask? Well, you can only use cards that rewards you for shopping. By the end of this month, you’ll be able to see just how much you potentially save when you have the right card to spend money you already planned to use.

Stash That Cash

Did you know that you’d save $574 in just two months, thanks to the May and August challenges? If you don’t feel like keeping all your money at home, you can make weekly deposits into a high-yield crypto savings account. This way, you’re less likely to spend your savings, you can enjoy more rewards than in a traditional savings account and you can easily check up on your savings progress on your mobile phone.

Challenge Accepted?

We’re challenging you to 12 months of saving! Sign up for a Binance account and make 2022 your year of saving now. 

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