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Why Crypto Needs Regulation: Knowing Your 10 Fundamental Rights | by CZ


At Binance, we believe that crypto belongs to everybody, and that in order to reach the next billion users, blockchain and crypto platforms must work with regulators and policymakers to develop global regulatory frameworks to achieve the mutual goal of protecting users. While it’s true that crypto has come a long way, as of today, only a small fraction of the world’s population uses crypto on a regular basis. 

That’s why we’re calling for a new global regulatory framework, to help ensure the industry will continue to innovate responsibly while ensuring a healthy path forward for future growth—one that allows even more people to participate. I wanted to take the time to give a little background on our recent announcement, and why these fundamental rights we outlined are important. 

Binance Releases 10 Fundamental Rights for Crypto Users

You may have noticed that we’ve announced a series of fundamental rights for crypto users globally, across newspapers and print. These rights are meant to spark an open conversation about an important set of challenges and opportunities facing the crypto industry. At Binance, we’ve always been relentlessly user-focused, and an important part of that comes down to our approach to user protection. 

The industry has seen an influx of new users with each successive market high, and it is up to industry participants to ensure each user has an experience that’s as safe and secure as possible. Though your priorities may (and probably will) differ, with the release of these fundamental rights, we hope to provide a voice to those who have traditionally been more on the sidelines when it comes to high finance. These are rights that we think will help safeguard the crypto experiences of everyday users, and we welcome all opportunities to engage in open dialogue with industry leaders, regulators, policymakers and users. 

How Binance Is Evolving the Conversation on Crypto Regulation

While we recognize that the shape and format of regulatory frameworks will depend on national and regional policymakers and their constituents, this is an opportunity for industry participants like Binance to launch more productive conversations with the wider industry, including other ecosystems, exchanges, blockchain innovators and more. Take a look at our full list of fundamental rights for crypto users below. 

Learn Why Crypto Needs Regulation