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CZ FAQ 5 - Why Binance Embraces Regulations

The real world is a gradient scale on multiple vectors, but it is still very simple. Good regulations will be good for crypto. Bad regulations will be bad for crypto. Having good regulations that protect consumers while encouraging innovation is important for growth of the industry.

CZ’s FAQ 4 - One Coin to Rule Them All? Or Millions of Coins?

One Coin to Rule Them All? Or Millions of Coins? Check CZ's FAQ post on issuing coins.

CZ FAQ 3: CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies)

People ask me about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) quite often nowadays. Will they replace Bitcoin? What’s the impact? And so on. Here is my view on it as I think ahead about 2022 and beyond. Overall, I believe CBDCs are very positive for the crypto industry, but with a few caveats. Let me start with the benefits I see of CBDC and what they can bring to the crypto industry.

Avoiding Cryptocurrency Scams: Squid Game Token and Other Defi Risks | by CZ

DeFi, or decentralized finance, is not without its risks. In this article, CZ weighs in on the Squid Game rugpull and shares his thoughts on how users can spot suspicious projects and token listings.

Why Crypto Needs Regulation: Knowing Your 10 Fundamental Rights | by CZ

Crypto belongs to all of us. Here’s why Binance is calling for a global regulatory framework that will help bring crypto to the next billion users.