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What is Binance Spot Trading Fee and How to Calculate

2022-03-24 08:57

What is Binance Spot trading fee?

You need to pay a trading fee for every successful trade on the Binance Spot market. You can find more information on trading fee rates here.

How are trading fees calculated?

Trading fees are always charged in the asset you receive. For example, if you buy ETH/USDT, the fee is paid in ETH. If you sell ETH/USDT, the fee is paid in USDT.
For example:
You place an order to buy 10 ETH for 3,452.55 USDT each:
Trading fee = 10 ETH * 0.1% = 0.01 ETH
Or you place an order to sell 10 ETH for 3,452.55 USDT each:
Trading fee = (10 ETH * 3,452.55 USDT) * 0.1% = 34.5255 USDT

Are there any promotions/discounts for trading fees?

There are various discounts for trading fees at Binance.
  1. Using BNB to pay for trading fees will grant you a 25% discount. You can find more information here.
  2. Become a VIP trader to enjoy competitive discounts on trading fees. Click here for more information.
Pay attention to our promotions, such as zero fees on certain trading pairs. Click here for a list of promotions/activities announcements.