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How to Set a Price Alert on Binance App

2022-02-17 03:37

What is a price alert?

Price alerts help you stay on top of the market by notifying you when a certain price or condition is met. You can set a price alert for price changes as well.

How to set a price alert?

Please note that the price alert function is only available on Binance Pro. To switch to Binance Pro, tap [Profile] and tap on the button next to [Binance Pro].
1. Open your Binance App and tap [Markets].
2. Search for the desired trading pair from the search bar. In this example, we’ll use BNB/USDT.
3. Tap on the [Alert] icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and select an alert type.
4. Enter the price you wish to receive the alert and select the alert frequency. Tap [Create Alert].
5. You will receive an alert when the conditions are met. To add more alerts, tap [Add Alert].
Please make sure that you’ve enabled notifications for Binance App on your phone settings.
You can access the pair’s trading page directly by tapping on the notification.