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How to Respond to Binance P2P Order Appeals

2021-01-22 10:00
When someone submits an appeal for your P2P order, you will be notified via email and SMS. Let’s see how to respond to an appeal on the Binance App.

How to respond to a P2P order appeal?

1. To view the appeal order, log in to your Binance App and go to [Trade] - [P2P].
If you are using the [Advertisement] mode, tap [Orders].
If you are using the [Order] mode, tap on the [Orders] icon.
2. Tap [Appeal] to view all appeal orders. Then tap on the order to view the reason for the appeal. You may also tap [Chat] to negotiate with the counterparty directly.
3. You will be asked to indicate whether you have reached a consensus with the counterparty.
3.1 Negotiation failed
If you select [Negotiation failed], you will see [Please wait for CS intervention] under the appeal status. This means that Customer Support agents will assist you and the counterparty shortly.
You will be notified via email and SMS when there is an update. For example, the Customer Support agent may ask you for additional supporting documents and details for the appeal.
Typically, the counterparty will be asked to provide additional information as well.
3.2 Consensus reached
If you select [Consensus reached], you will be prompted to confirm whether an agreement has been reached. Enter the details and tap [Submit].
4. Please note that if you do not respond to the appeal or submit the required information before the deadline, the Customer Support agent may arbitrate the appeal directly (e.g., force-release the funds or force-cancel the order).
5. To check the appeal progress and details, tap [Appeal Progress].