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Binance Pool Users Will Now Receive Binance Exchange VIP Trading Benefits

2020-07-28 10:19

Fellow Binancians,

To celebrate 100 days since the official launch of Binance Pool, we are thanking our users for their support in a big way. Starting from now, Binance Pool users will enjoy VIP trading benefits on the Binance Exchange. VIP levels will be determined based on each user's average daily hashrate while connected to Binance Pool. Benefits include trading benefits, service benefits, ecological benefits, etc. Additionally, Binance VIP users will also enjoy discounted fees when they connect their hashrate to Binance Pool. 

Average Daily Hashrate (PH/s)

Period: Calendar month

Binance Exchange VIP Level

Avg. daily hashrate ≥ 40


Avg. daily hashrate ≥ 50


Avg. daily hashrate ≥ 75


Avg. daily hashrate ≥ 100


Avg. daily hashrate ≥ 200


Avg. daily hashrate ≥ 300


Avg. daily hashrate ≥ 400


Avg. daily hashrate ≥ 500


Avg. daily hashrate ≥ 1000



  • Learn more about the Binance Exchange VIP Benefit System.
  • Initial VIPs level will be determined based on average daily hashrate in July. VIP levels will be assigned and adjusted on August 1.
  • Average daily hashrate = Sum of daily hashrates / Number of days in current month. Values are calculated based on the "calendar month", and final calculations take place on the last day of each month. VIP levels are then adjusted on the first day of each month. Log in to view your daily hashrate.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



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