Beginners Guide to Getting Started
Find everything you need to know about starting your journey at Binance.
About Binance
Binance is the world's largest cryptoasset marketplace by trading volume. Note that cryptocurrency is unregulated in the UK. The value of your investments can go down as well as up. Profits may be subject to Capital Gains Tax. Let's get started in 4 easy steps below:
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Step 1 - Account Setup
Create and verify your account to access Binance's products and services.
Step 2 - Buy Crypto
Deposit funds into your account and use your balance to buy crypto.
Step 3 - Other Binance Products
Learn how to use NFTs, Fan Tokens and more Binance Products!
Step 4 - Additional Learnings
Learn about blockchain, crypto and other educational topics.

Step 1 - Set up your Account on Binance

To unlock full access to Binance's products and services, we require identity verification as required by UK regulation. Rest assured, your personal information is securely encrypted both in storage and in transit. After completing identity verification, we also recommend securing your account to best offer protection.
Register account
Verify account
Secure account
Register Your Account
Registration is quick and simple and takes 1-2 minutes to fully complete.
Register Here
Account Setup FAQ
I am having issues with my Facial Recognition
Please ensure you are not wearing any glasses, hats, headphones or other items that obscure your face, including facial hair in some circumstances. The facial recognition software will attempt to match your face with your uploaded selfie, so ensure you look similar to your photo. When entering your personal information, enter the details exactly as they appear on your ID document. The information you enter will be matched with your ID document.
I am having issues with Google Authentication
Read this article to help Solve 2FA Code Errors. If you are still having issues, visit Customer Support.
I am having issues with my ID Documentation
For your ID upload, ensure you upload a photo of a Valid Passport or Driver's License. Note that we do not accept a Resident's Permit. For your Proof of Address upload, ensure you use a document that was issued within the past 90 days. Also, ensure the photo is taken from a horizontal angle, with all text and images legible. If you are still having issues, contact Customer Support. Note: If you do not have any ID document or your document is expired, you won't be able to complete verification.
I am having issues with Mobile/SMS Code
If you are having issues with your Mobile/SMS code, you can read this article on how to Reset SMS. If you are still having issues, visit Customer Support.
How to complete Corporate Verification?
Please follow How to Apply for Corporate Account to apply as a business/company account. It typically takes 5–10 business days for the application to be reviewed by our Corporate/Institutional team.
I am having issues with Security Key
If you are having issues with your Security Key Authentication, you can read this article on How to Delete YubiKey. If you are still having issues, visit Customer Support.

Step 2 - Buy Crypto

After completing the verification process, you can deposit Fiat or Crypto funds into your Binance account and Trade Crypto on the Spot Exchange:
Deposit Fiat
Deposit Crypto
Trade Crypto
Deposit Fiat
Deposit GBP funds to your Binance account.
Deposit Fiat
Alternatively, you can buy Crypto directly with a Credit/Debit card:
Buy Crypto with Bank Card
Buy Crypto with Bank Card
You can buy crypto directly using your debit/credit card (Visa/Mastercard accepted). See our How to Buy Crypto with Credit/Debit Card Guide for more information.
Buy Crypto with Card Here
Buy Crypto FAQs
I am having issues with Buying Crypto with Debit/Credit Card
Your Credit/Debit purchase may be rejected or pending due to missing payment information or account-related issues. Contact Customer Support for more help.
I’m having issues with my Deposit
For problems with a fiat deposit, fill out the Appeal Form. Your issue will be directed to the relevant department for further investigation. If you’re having issues with a crypto deposit, use the Deposit Status Query to search for your deposit’s status or retrieve your assets via the self-service application.
I am having issues with Buying Crypto with P2P
Read our How to Appeal for P2P Orders on Binance App FAQ for more assistance contacting Customer Support.
I am having issues with Spot Trading
If you cannot create orders on the Spot Exchange, read our How to Resolve Order Issues FAQ. For more help, reach out to Customer Support.
How do I withdraw funds?
Withdraw Fiat or Crypto funds from your Binance account with a few clicks. For more help, refer to our Withdraw FAQs.

Step 3 - Learn more about Binance Products

Binance NFT
Binance Fan Tokens
Binance OTC Portal
Binance Referral
Binance NFT
Binance NFT Marketplace brings together artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts to trade and create unique digital collectables.
Visit Here

Step 4 - Additional Learnings

Develop your skills and knowledge with FREE educational courses from Binance Academy:
Crypto & Blockchain
Learn everything a beginner needs to know when it comes to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Understand why they’re such an important topic in the world today.
Trading Strategies
Take your first steps into trading, learn key strategies, and make sure your decisions are as informed as possible.
Risk Management
Any investment involves risks. Learn to manage them and trade responsibly within your limits.
Maximise your online security and reduce the risks of using, holding and trading cryptocurrencies.
Smart Contracts
Understand smart contracts and their role in verifying, controlling and executing agreements on a blockchain.
DeFi Tokens
Explore the world of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and its ecosystem of financial applications and services.
Learn to create and use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) representing digitally scarce blockchain assets and real-world items.
Wrapped Tokens
Handle wrapped tokens pegged to the value of other cryptocurrencies on different blockchains.
Discover Popular Cryptocurrencies
Learn about Bitcoin
Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital asset launched in 2009 by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. The cryptocurrency is free from the control of any government, central bank or administrator. The blockchain is run across a huge network of computers, making it truly decentralised. Anyone can participate in the ecosystem by downloading open-source software and starting validating transactions in a process known as mining. Bitcoin provided its users one of the first opportunities to make global payments without censorship in a highly secure manner.
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