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How to Use Binance Account Statements

How to Use Binance Account Statements

2022-12-01 00:00
You can use the Account Statement function to generate a snapshot of your master account and sub-accounts across your Spot, Margin, Futures, Funding, and Earn Wallets on a selected date. You can also send the statement to your registered email address, export it as an image, or send it in PDF format to a third party (e.g., an auditor).
The Account Statement function is currently only available on the Binance website.
  • You can generate account statements for up to one year from the current date. If you require statements for a period exceeding one year, please download them from the Report Center.
  • Only the master account can generate statements for the master account and all sub-accounts. A sub-account can generate its own statements but not the statements of the master account or other sub-accounts.
  • You can generate account statements for up to one year from the current date. If you require statements for a period exceeding one year, please contact Binance Support.
  • The asset balance of your Spot/Margin/Futures/Funding/Earn Wallets are shown in BTC and BUSD or USDT. The BTC-to-BUSD or BTC-to-USDT conversion rate of the selected date will be shown on the account statement.
  • When exporting account statements, you can send them to your registered email address as well as third-party email addresses. You can also download account statements as JPEG images.
  • Your account balance data is refreshed daily at 00:00:00 UTC+0.

How to generate an account statement?

1. Log in to your Binance account and click [Wallet] - [Account Statement].
2. Your account balance data will refresh daily at 00:00:00 UTC+0. Prior to that, you can only view records from the day before yesterday. For example, if today is 2022-01-12, the latest record available would be for 2022-01-10.
  • For Binance VIP users, if you select a date exceeding one year, the page will display “Record not ready yet”, as the account statement does not support this time range. Please go to [VIP Portal] - [Report Center] - [Generate Now] to download your statement.
  • For non-VIP users, if you wish to obtain data from more than a year ago, you may apply for access to the Report Center on a trial basis by submitting a request on the VIP Portal website.
3. Select the date, account, wallet, and currency for the estimated value (e.g., BUSD) to generate the account statement, then click [Search].
4. You’ll see an account overview for your chosen date, user ID, account type, wallets, and the total value in BTC and the currency you selected (e.g., BUSD). You can also view the asset balance of your Spot/Margin/Futures/Funding/Earn Wallets.
5. Please note that only the top five asset balances will be shown. Other assets will be grouped as [Others].
  • Spot: Your Spot Wallet asset balance.
  • Cross Margin and Isolated Margin: In addition to the total asset balance, you can also view [Total Debt] and [Account Equity]. For Isolated Margin, you can view the margin balance.
Total Liabilities: Borrowings + Interest
Account Equity: Total Assets - Total Liabilities
  • USDⓈ-M Futures and Coin-M Futures: You can view the positions, balances, and unrealized profit and loss.
  • Earn: You can view the position of each asset in your Earn Wallet, as well as your holdings in each Earn product (e.g., Savings, Staking). You can also view the total income generated during the holding period.

How to export an account statement?

1. After generating the account statement, click [Export].
2. You can download the account statement as a JPEG image or send it to your registered email address. You can also export the account statement as a PDF file and send it to a third-party email address. If you choose to export the account statement to your email address as a PDF file, it will only be available in English.
When exporting account statements via email, please note:
  • If you logged in as the master account, the account statement will be sent to the master account’s registered email address, regardless of whether you're generating the account statement of the master account or sub-accounts.
  • If you logged in as a sub-account, only the account statement of this particular sub-account can be generated. The statement will be sent to this sub-account’s registered email address.
  • You can choose to display only the top five positions or expand all positions. If you need to expand the details of all positions, the position details will be sent to your email address and you can download all positions for that account when you click [Export].
  • Each master or sub-account can generate up to 30 statements per month.
When exporting account statements as PDF, please note:
  • You can choose to export data on your five largest positions only or on all your positions.
  • To ensure your account information is protected, you must encrypt all files exported as PDF by setting an eight-digit password. Any external party accessing the file will be required to enter the password you created. Please store the password securely.
  • The download link will remain accessible for seven days, after which downloads will no longer be supported. At that point, you will need to re-export the file from the account statement page.
Last update date: 2022-12-08