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Asset Management Sub-Account Functions and Frequently Asked Questions

Asset Management Sub-Account Functions and Frequently Asked Questions

2022-12-01 00:00

What is an Asset Management sub-account?

The Asset Management sub-account is a type of account suitable for investors who need to manage their assets independently and delegate their trades to a professional trading team.
Through this type of sub-account, we aim to achieve a more flexible asset management solution for both investors and trading firms. By connecting to the master account, investors can easily manage all sub-accounts with well-defined access and control parameters. The trading volume of the sub-account will contribute to the VIP level of the trading team, thus providing a more favorable trading fee service.

Who should use the Asset Management Sub-account feature?

Asset Management Sub-account is similar to an investor's personal account. Investors can entrust their personal accounts to a trading team and become a sub-account of the trading team. This allows them to enjoy the trading team's trading fee while having access to their personal account and can manage their own assets.
Asset Management Sub-accounts are suitable for:
  • The investor engages a professional trading team to trade, but occasionally trades through their own account.
  • The investor’s personal account is managed directly by the trading team and wants to enjoy the team's trading fee, while having access to manage their account assets.
Sub-account function is available for corporate account users and VIP1 (or higher) personal account users (Users are required to complete Identity Verification and enable 2FA devices before they can use the service).

Asset Management Sub-Account Features

Asset Management Sub-Account
Trading Team
  • Direct access to the original account.
  • Trade directly or via API
  • Manage personal asset deposits and withdrawals
  • Enjoy the trading level benefits of the VIP team
  • Manage sub-account assets and transactions
  • Full API trading capabilities
  • Shared VIP fee level, transaction volume will contribute to the fee level
Please refer to How to use the sub-account function for sub-account management details.

How to apply for an Asset Management Sub-account?

Asset Management Sub-accounts are exclusive for VIP users. If you want to apply the Asset Management Sub-account function, please contact your account manager or email to

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the asset management sub-account trading fee discount will follow the trading team and enjoy the trading level benefits of the VIP team, which will allow you to enjoy a more favorable fee when trading.
Yes, as an investor account, the asset management sub-account supports asset withdrawals.
Yes, investors can log in to their account to view their order and transaction history.
No, the trading team cannot withdraw funds from the asset management sub-account. Withdrawals and deposits must be done through the investor.
No, rebates from the asset management sub-account will be credited to the original referrer.
No, the API Key of the asset management sub-account needs to be created by the investor.