Key Points:

DEX GMBL.COMPUTER on Arbitrum has just experienced a signature key leak that made it possible for hackers to withdraw GMBL worth nearly 500 ETH from the contract. Fortunately, this is an off-chain vulnerability, so the recovery process has already started. The platform is offering a bounty to hackers not to take legal action if the funds are returned. GMBL.COMPUTER, the ecological decentralized exchange on Arbitrum, has explained today's key signing leak event about the contract transfer and GMBL worth nearly 500 ETH (about 815,000 USD at current prices) that was stolen from the contract. Upon discovery, all contract interactions were suspended and more than half of the liquidity remained available.

GMBL.COMPUTER says this is not a contractual vulnerability. The source of the problem has been found and it occurred off-chain. The platform has all their information and the process of recovering the funds has been initiated.

Bug bounties are offered to hackers to avoid legal action if the stolen funds are returned.

"If you'd like us to treat this as a white hat, please send 90% of the funds back to our ARB MULTISIG 0x4263FDcddde978cc9239199Bf8533a064db9dF5E and keep 10% as a bounty. If we do not recieve the funds by tomorrow at 9pm EST, we will proceed with legal action"

Notification sent to hackers.

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