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What Is Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp and Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp and Frequently Asked Questions

2022-03-11 10:21

What is the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp?

Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp is a seven-class course designed for crypto enthusiasts. No prior experience is required. All you need is a can-do attitude and a thirst for knowledge. You also won’t be on your own, as one of our seasoned crypto content experts will be guiding you throughout the journey. Each class helps you discover essential skills and tools to succeed in the crypto-creator economy.
Some classes will feature a hands-on project that lets you practice with a real audience. You can also win rewards by completing the classes and projects, such as bonus incentives, extra commission, and up to $3,000 in USDT. For additional information, please check out our blog.

How do I join the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp?

This Bootcamp is currently available to all existing Binance users outside of the restricted regions. Please note that this Bootcamp is only available in select languages. If you’re interested in becoming the next crypto influencer, sign up from the Bootcamp landing page within the sign-up period. Sign-ups outside of this period will not be eligible to participate in the current Bootcamp and will be put on the waiting list for our next Bootcamp. You can check the registration status or sign-up for the waiting list here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access the Bootcamp class videos?
After the sign-up period, users who successfully signed up will receive class one via the email linked to their Binance account. After that, you'll receive the rest of the class videos and project instructions daily for a total of eight days.
2. What will I learn from this Bootcamp?
This e-course contains seven classes. Please see each class topic below.
  • Class one: What does it mean to become a crypto influencer
  • Class two: Introduction to Binance trading products and how to promote products to users
  • Class three: How to create quality and effective content
  • Class four: User-generated content for non-trading Binance products
  • Class five: How to effectively attract new invitees
  • Class six: How to convert registered users to active users
  • Class seven: Tips and tricks from a top affiliate
3. What are the class projects?
Each class has its own project where you will have to complete tasks related to the class. Class projects are designed to help you get the most out of your learning experience and enhance your understanding of the entire Binance ecosystem. Users who complete all class projects are eligible to receive up to $3,000 in USDT.
3.1 When will I receive an update on my project status?
Please allow up to a week for your project to finish the evaluation process after your submission. Project email updates go out every Friday at 11:00 UTC. Please note that if you submit a project after Wednesday 11:00 UTC, you may not receive an update until the following Friday. Project updates will be sent out via email and notification messages within the Binance app.
3.2 When will I get my reward?
All rewards are distributed by the 15th of each month by 11:00 UTC.
3.3 Why did I not pass more projects or get a larger reward?
Please note that all projects were graded carefully based on the following factors:
There is no project for Classes One and Seven.
Class Two Project
You must create original content on one of the listed topics and have a total trading volume worth the equivalent of 10 BTC or more. In this Bootcamp, trading volume is considered the total amount of traded assets of your referrals in a month. If you don’t reach the BTC trading volume, then you may not be eligible for a monetary reward for this project.
Class Three Project
You must create and submit original content that has at least 5,000 views. Fake views will not be accepted. If you pass this project, but don’t pass class project number 5, then you may not be eligible for a monetary reward for this project.
Class Four Project
You must create 3 pieces of original short-form content with at least 1,000 total views for each piece. Fake views will not be accepted. If you pass this project, but don’t pass class project number 6, then you may not be eligible for a monetary reward for this project.
Class Five Project
You must get 8 new referral users to complete identity verification (KYC) for their accounts within one month. Registrations must be from legitimate users, and batch registrations will not be accepted. Know your customer (KYC) refers to the identity verification process. It’s a common regulatory requirement for financial service providers that helps protect users and aims to combat illicit funding and money laundering.
Class Six Project
Turn at least 5 of your verified referral users to active users over a one-month period with a trading volume worth at least 4 BTC. An active user is someone who makes a deposit or trades spot, futures, or margin. Participants who use market/trader manipulation or don’t have any users who make deposits will not be eligible for a monetary reward. For example, giving your referrals crypto to trade or having friends sign-up to make the exact same trades are considered trading manipulation under the Bootcamp Program rules.
3.4 Do my referrals have to complete Identity Verification for their Binance accounts for project 5?
Yes, you should encourage your referrals to complete identity verification. If none of your referrals verify their Binance account, you may not be eligible to receive any USDT reward for this project.
4. Is there a deadline for completing the class projects?
Yes, participants must complete all class projects within one month of receiving the project submission email. For example, class one began on Mar 28, 2022, and the deadline to submit your projects will be April 28, 2022.
Please note that projects are accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis. If you need additional time to complete your project, simply submit your project when you are absolutely ready. You do not need special permission to submit your project past the one-month deadline. Please note that your project will also be evaluated within one month of submission.
5. I passed the Bootcamp. What happens next?
Participants who pass the Bootcamp are eligible to become a Binance Affiliate and have the opportunity to experience the program as a Bootcamp graduate.
As a graduate, you are eligible to receive monthly USDT performance rewards, fixed long-term rewards based on your performance, specialized graduate campaigns, and exclusive Binance swag.
6. Do I have to complete all the class projects?
No, it is not mandatory to complete all class projects. However, the more projects you complete, the larger your reward amount. We encourage you to try to complete all five projects.
7. Are there any rewards for completing class projects?
Yes, participants who complete one class project will be eligible to join the Binance Affiliate Program and receive all the benefits of being an affiliate. You can also get up to $3,000 in USDT for completing all projects and additional ongoing rewards for being a Bootcamp graduate.
As a Binance Affiliate, you’re entitled to more commission (up to 50% for Spot trading). You’ll also get a sign-up bonus package for your community and an incentive-filled content program.
8. What is the exclusivity pathway?
To access all seven class videos, you must agree to promote Binance for a three-month period. If you do not want to go through the exclusivity pathway, you will only have access to classes one, two, and four with fewer reward options. Moreover, the maximum reward will only be 500 USDT.
9. How do I submit a project?
You will receive an email with the submission form after the last class video, or you can submit it here.
You can select which classes you would like to submit projects for. Please note that you must submit the published content links when submitting the projects for classes two, three, and four.
10. Some projects require content submissions, can I submit the same content for multiple projects?
No, each class project requires original content. The same content cannot be submitted for multiple projects.
11. Do I have to complete the class projects in order?
No, once you have watched all the class videos, you can complete the class projects as you see fit.
12. How can I see my total registrations for class five?
Go to the referral dashboard, select [Standard Referral], and click [Referrals].
13. How do I know if I passed a class project?
After the project submission deadline, the projects you uploaded will be evaluated. You’ll receive the results and the total reward amount via email.
14. How do I achieve the minimum BTC trading volume?
We will calculate the trading volume in BTC from users you invited to Binance. This includes the trading volume in all Binance trading markets.
15. What are the minimum requirements for receiving the project rewards?
To be eligible to receive the reward for any class project, you must pass each of their minimum requirements. Please note that to pass the Bootcamp, you only need to pass the minimum requirements for one project. However, metrics such as the total number of followers, new referrals, and active referrals are taken into consideration during the evaluation process. If you pass project number 3 or project number 4, but your Binance referral account is inactive, then you may not be eligible to receive a reward for those class projects.