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How to Trade Spot on Binance Website

How to Trade Spot on Binance Website

2020-07-02 07:13
Video Tutorial: Click this video to learn how to spot trade on Binance
1. Go to the Binance website and click [Log In] at the top right corner.
2. Select [Trade] on the top navigation bar and click [Spot].
3. You will now find yourself on the trading page interface.
(1) Trading volume of trading pair in 24 hours
(2) Candlestick chart and Market Depth
(3) Sell order book
(4) Buy order book
(5) Trading Type: Spot/Cross Margin/Isolated Margin
(6) Buy/Sell switch
(7) Type of order: Limit/Market/Stop-limit/OCO(One-Cancels-the-Other)/Trailing Stop
(8) Buy/Sell order section
(9) Open Orders, Order History, Trade History
(10) Market Trades and My Trades
(11) Spot Wallet funds
4. Let's look at buying some BNB as an example. Click [Spot] on the top right hand corner and make sure you’ve selected the [Buy] switch.
5. Next, choose between [Limit], [Market], or [Stop-limit] orders.
6. Place your order by entering the price and amount you wish to purchase.
7. Click on [Buy BNB] to complete the transaction. You can follow the same steps to sell BNB.
  • The default order type is a limit order. If you want to place an order as soon as possible, you can switch to the [Market] tab. By choosing a market order, you can make instant trades at the current market price.
  • If the market price of BNB/USDT is at 400, but you want to buy at a specific price, for example, 380, you can place a limit order. When the market price reaches your set price, your placed order will be executed.
  • The bar below the [Amount] field refers to the percentage amount of USDT available in your Spot Wallet. You can drag the slider to customize the percentage of the Spot Wallet balance to use for the order.