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Award Selection Rules Based on Binance Chain Hash Value

2021-09-22 02:44
  • We will take the final 9 numeric digits of the last Binance Chain hash value at 11:59 PM (UTC) on the specified day of the promotion period as the winning number.
  • A user’s Unique Identifier (UID) contains 9 digits at most. If any UID contains less than 9 digits, “0” will be added in front of the first digit until we have 9 digits in total (for example, assume that the UID is 35283019, the adjusted UID will be 035283019).
  • We will then use the winning number to match the UIDs from the first digit onwards. Users whose UIDs have the most consecutive identical digits will win the reward.
  • If the number of matches exceeds the number of winners, we will then further select winners based on their UIDs in ascending order (Remarks: the earlier the registration time, the smaller the UID number).
  • For example:
    • Assume that the last Binance Chain block hash value on the last day of this promotion period is: 3E53A755905113FD1738F0A585D65CE4AC942AAF214625112E30A07FBBA5DFA5
    • Removing the letters from the hash value gives us a string of numbers: 35375590511317380585654942214625112300755
    • The winning number is 112300755.
      • Comparing the 9 digits of all UIDs, if it matches the last 9 digits of the winning number 112300755, the user will be a winner.
      • Users whose UIDs have 7 consecutive digits that match 7 consecutive digits of the winning number will be prioritized over users whose UIDs have 6 consecutive digits that match 6 consecutive digits of the winning number.
      • By analogy, if a UID does not match the last 7th to 9th consecutive digits, but is consistent with the other 6 consecutive digits of the winning number, the user will be a winner, and so on.
      • In the end, if we matched 2 UIDs using 3 consecutive digits of the winning number: 041400790 (matches “007”) and 032075236 (matches “075”), but as there can only be 1 winner, we will select the winner by arranging their UIDs in ascending order. Therefore, UID 032075236 will win.
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