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Introducing the Binance Fan Token Platform

2021-10-13 07:12
Welcome to the brand new world of Binance Fan Token, the premier hub for fans to champion their favourite teams! We've partnered with top-tier sports teams — and some of the most exciting brands across gaming, esports, and entertainment — from around the world to bring you the Binance Fan Token Platform.
Binance Fan Tokens take the fan experience to new heights — find out what Fan Tokens are, and how you can represent, interact with and influence your favourite teams.

What are Binance Fan Tokens?

Binance Fan Tokens are a type of utility tokens that powers the fan experience and connects brands and teams with fans worldwide. Binance Fan Tokens are issued to fans via Binance Launchpad to take their participation to the next level.

What makes Binance Fan Tokens special?

Owning and leveraging Binance Fan Tokens allow users to engage with their favourite teams in never-before-seen ways and take their fanship to the next level. Some of these include:
  • Supporting teams and collecting limited edition NFTs
  • Influencing fan decisions via exclusive fan voting polls
  • Unlocking rare Fan Badges to win special rewards
  • Scoring special experiences and signed merchandise

How to buy Binance Fan Tokens?

If you’re new to Binance, sign up for a Binance account and complete the verification process. Our Beginner’s Guide will help you get started. Visit the Binance Fan Token Platform to discover a list of featured and soon-to-be-listed Binance Fan Tokens.
  1. You can buy Binance Fan Tokens in different ways on the Binance website: either join a Binance Launchpad to be among the first to get your tokens, buy Binance Fan Tokens using a bank card or buy your tokens with crypto on the Binance Spot Market or via P2P Markets.
  2. If you’re using mobile, you can also purchase tokens using a debit/credit card or via P2P using the Binance App or the Lite version of the App.
  3. Once your purchase is complete, Binance Fan Tokens will be automatically transferred to your Spot Wallet.
  4. Check back regularly to the Binance Fan Token Platform to keep pace with the latest updates from your favorite teams.

How to get special rewards and experiences with Binance Fan Tokens?

All Binance users can buy Binance Fan Tokens, but the most exciting part begins with holding your Binance Fan Tokens, and understanding how you can supercharge your fan experience with them.

NFTs and Mystery Boxes

You can use Binance Fan Tokens to buy limited edition mystery boxes containing rare and legendary NFTs from your favorite teams and brands. Build your NFT collection or put them up for sale on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

Voting Polls

The Binance Fan Tokens you already own grant special voting rights that let you vote on club decisions reserved for Binance Fan Token holders. Vote for your favourite jersey designs, choose the type of merch you want your team to offer, rebrand the entry to the stadium—the possibilities are endless.

Fan Badges

Every time you engage with your team, you’ll increase your odds of unlocking special Fan Badges that you can proudly display as proof of your support. Collect enough badges and your favourite team might just take notice—and grant you a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Get started with Binance Fan Tokens today

Binance Fan Token is the ultimate one-stop shop for fans of all stripes. We’re working hard to bring you more fan-favourite features in the coming weeks and months, including Fan Shop, Leaderboard, Loyalty Subscription, games, and more!
For more Binance Fan Token news and updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter @Binance.