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How to Withdraw NFT from Binance

2021-10-22 07:41
Video Tutorial
1. Go to Binance NFT and log in to your account. Click [User Center] - [Withdraw].
2. Select the NFTs you would like to withdraw under [NFT Asset] or [Mystery Boxes] and click [Confirm].
Please note that unopened Mystery Boxes cannot be withdrawn.
For NFT opened from Boxes, if you have more than one NFT from the same series, please choose the Token ID of the NFT you want to withdraw. You can find the token ID on the product page by clicking on the NFT.
Alternatively, you can also visit the NFT listing page and click [Withdraw].
3. After selecting your NFT, the system will display the corresponding network in which the asset is kept. Please make sure you have the selected network’s native coins in your wallet to pay for the gas fee. The withdrawal fees are subject to change according to the network status.
Please note that the selected NFTs are on their minted network, you need to enter the corresponding address correctly or your assets might be lost. Please also make sure that you choose a wallet that is compatible with Binance NFT withdrawal.
4. Select the wallet address you would like to withdraw to under [Destination Wallet Address].
5. If you haven’t connected any wallet, click [Add a Wallet]. You will be redirected to the [Connect Wallet] page. Choose the network of your wallet and click [Confirm].
Currently, we support Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network.
6. Select the wallet you want to connect. You may connect to MetaMask or WalletConnect.
For a detailed step-by-step guide, check our wallet connection guides here.
7. Check the network and the destination wallet address and click [Confirm] to withdraw.
8. Once the process is complete, you can find the withdrawn NFT in [History] - [Orders] - [Withdrawals]. You can also check the withdrawal status here.

How do I see the NFTs in my wallet after withdrawal?

To see your withdrawn NFTs in your MetaMask Wallet, you need to manually add them to your MetaMask Wallet first.
Please make sure you are connected to Binance Smart Chain when you add the NFTs withdrawn from Binance to your MetaMask Wallet. Please note that Metamask is only accepting unique NFTs (ERC-721) at the moment and not multi-edition NFTs (ERC-1155).
1. Open your MetaMask Wallet and click [NFTs] to go to your NFT library.
2. Next, click [Import NFTs].
3. You will be redirected to the Import NFT page. Paste the address of your NFT and the token ID in the respective fields. You can refer to this guide here to find your NFT contract address and token ID.
Click [Import] to add the NFT to your wallet. You will then see it in your NFT library.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to withdraw NFT on Binance?

NFT withdrawals will be processed in under 30 minutes.

2. What are withdrawal fees and how much are they?

Withdrawals to crypto addresses outside of Binance NFT typically incur a “transaction fee” or “network fee”. This fee is not paid to Binance but to miners or validators responsible for processing the transactions and securing the respective blockchain network.
*Binance NFT will adjust the withdrawal fee according to the network status.
3. Why can’t I withdraw unopened mystery boxes?
We only support the withdrawal of NFTs, as mystery boxes are not NFTs, they cannot be withdrawn. If you want to withdraw the NFT inside a mystery box, you need to open it first.