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How to check share and history of BSwap

2020-09-04 08:29
1. Log in to your and click [Finance] - [Liquid Swap] to enter Binance Liquid Swap.
2. Click [My Share] and you can find [My Total Share], [Total Unclaimed Rewards], [Share Details], and [History] here.
[My Total Share] shows the current total value of your share. [Total Unclaimed Rewards] shows the current total value of your unclaimed rewards.
[Share Details] shows details of your active liquidity pairs:
Market-making PNL: All profits and losses arising from the current market - making share include cost + trading fee income + interest income + temporary loss + unclaimed rewards.
Pool Share Composition: The current composites of your share.
Last day yield: Your last day yield (trading fee + interest), excluding temporary loss. Yields deposited and withdrawn on the same day are not included.
Cost per share: The value of the share you obtain when your order is placed. Relevant commission fees are not included.
Pool Share: The share ratio will change according to the change of pool share.
[History] shows your liquidity history, rewards claimed, and distribution history. You can change the Date, Pair, and Type to search for past orders.
  • When the price of a token fluctuates drastically in the market, the shareholders of the token pair pool (liquidity providers) may not be able to enjoy the same value gains. Therefore, adding liquidity is not a risk-free operation, and it is not a way for capital preservation.
  • At UTC+0 00:00 every day, the system uses the assets in the current token pair pool - the amount added yesterday + the amount redeemed yesterday as the interest-bearing principal, and the current interest rate of yesterday's token against the pool token to calculate the interest income. If there is no corresponding savings product for a certain token, no savings income will be generated.
  • After adding assets to a certain token pair pool to obtain pool shares (adding a single token will incur corresponding fees), they can be redeemed from the same token pair pool through pool shares. You can redeem two tokens at the same time proportionally, or you can select one token to redeem. When redeeming a token, since you need to trade another token in the pair pool as the token you choose to redeem, a transaction fee will be incurred, which will be deducted from the amount you can get.
  • Transaction slippage will be adjusted in real-time according to market conditions, and the price displayed on the page may not be the final transaction slippage price.
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