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How to Create Binance Codes/Binance Gift Cards in Bulk

2022-04-07 02:58
Bulk create is a new function on Binance Code. It allows you to create a larger quantity of customized Binance Codes/Binance Gift Cards with zero fees.
Key benefits of the Bulk Create function:
  • A time-efficient and simple way of creating your desired quantity of Binance Codes/Gift Cards;
  • A wide array of thematic templates and tokens are available for your customization;
  • Conveniently keep track of all your orders on the Bulk Order page.
Here is how to create your first Binance Code/Gift Card bulk order:
1. Go to the Binance Code homepage and log in to your Binance account. Click [Bulk Create].
2. Select the card template and the coin, and enter the amount for each Binance Code/Gift Card. Then enter the quantity of Binance Code/Gift Card to create and click [Create].
The daily creation amount and quantity limits are as follows:
  • Amount limit: 2 BTC/24 hours
  • Creation limit: 200 codes/24 hours
3. Enter your 2FA authentication code to confirm the transaction. The total amount will be deducted from your Funding Wallet accordingly.
4. Depending on the quantity, it may take up to 30 minutes to generate your Binance Codes/Gift Cards. After the process is complete, click [View Bulk Order Page] to view and download your codes.
Alternatively, you can access the bulk order page by clicking [History] - [Bulk Order].
5. On the Bulk Order page, you can view a list of all your bulk-created codes. You can filter your list by creation time or order status.
If the order status is “Pending”, it means that bulk creation is still in progress. Please wait patiently.
Once your order status is “Success”, click on the download icon under [Operations] to download the list of codes.

6. Binance Codes/Gift Cards can be distributed and traded with both Binance and non-Binance users at your own discretion.
Card Codes refer to Binance Codes, which can be used to redeem crypto on Binance. Card Numbers are reference numbers used to check the value of the Binance Code/Gift Card.
Note: Currently, we only support sending Binance Codes/Gift Cards one by one via the Binance App. You may distribute the bulk-created Binance Codes/Gift Cards at your own discretion or from the Gift Card homepage on the Binance App. For more details, please refer to How to Create and Send a Gift Card.
You may send the How Do I Redeem Binance Code FAQ to your recipients for Binance Code/Gift Card redemption instructions.