$NOT Bulls Are Back? Three Inside Up on the 1-Day Chart!*🚀

Heads up NOT fam! Looks like there might be a bullish signal on the horizon! The 1-day chart just formed a Three Inside Up candlestick pattern. 💥😎

Here's the deal:

🚀 This pattern often suggests a shift in momentum from bearish to bullish.

🌞 After the pattern appeared yesterday, NOT's price did jump up, closing at $0.015272.

📈 Right now, NOT is trading at $0.015363, which is even higher! 🟢

Before we get too excited, remember: 💻😉👇

This is just one technical indicator, not a crystal ball. DYOR before making any decisions. 💪

But hey, this is a positive sign! 😅 Keep an eye on NOT and see if this bullish momentum continues. #notcoin #Megadrop #CryptoTradingGuide