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Imbalance Zone and Potential Bounce:

The price of NOTUSDT is approaching our identified 'imbalance zone.' This area is expected to act as a significant support level, where we could see a strong bounce. The imbalance zone typically represents a region of high trading interest, where buyers are likely to step in to prevent further declines. Monitoring this zone closely is crucial, as it provides a high-probability setup for a bullish reversal if the price reaches this level and demonstrates strong buying activity.

Early Price Rejection and Final Target:

There is also the possibility that NOTUSDT may not reach the imbalance zone and instead experience an early price rejection. This would indicate strong bullish momentum even before hitting the identified support area. In either scenario, our final target remains the previous high. Achieving this target would confirm the bullish trend and indicate that the price has successfully overcome selling pressure, allowing for potential further gains. Keeping an eye on early signs of rejection and subsequent price action will be key to adjusting trading strategies accordingly.

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