Binance Code. Your Crypto Business Solution.
Binance Code is a simple crypto transfer and trading tool in the form of prepaid codes — supported by API. They can be used for crypto deposit, withdrawal, disbursement, loyalty rewards and more!
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Binance Code for Your Business Solutions
Facilitate Crypto Transfer and Loyalty Reward
Help users to deposit, withdraw and earn crypto with prepaid crypto vouchers like Binance Code.
Start Your Crypto Business in 2 Steps
Conveniently set up and expand your crypto business by reselling or trading Binance Code.
Seamless Crypto Transfer Experience
Instantly create, create balance and redeem with Binance Code API
Become a Binance Code Partner
Distribute Crypto
Resell Binance Codes at any price/currency
Payout and salary disbursement
Loyalty rewards
Offline Distribution
In-game play to earn rewards
Trade Crypto
Benefit from crypto arbitrage with P2P trading
Transfer Crypto
Crypto deposit and withdrawal via Crypto Exchanges/Broker
Crypto top-up on digital wallet or account
Allow users to purchase in-game assets or NFTs with Binance Code
Get Started with Binance Code
Bulk create Binance Codes in a few steps on the webpage!
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Set up Binance Code API to instantly generate, balance check and redeem Binance codes.
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Branding Partnership
Earn referral commission
Boost brand awareness
Circulate NFT creatives
Newbie-friendly solution for crypto adoption
Branding Partnership allows users and businesses to send crypto via branded gift cards to both Binance and non-Binance users. The branded gift card can be in the format of GIF, 2D or 3D images. The recipient only needs to take a few simple steps upon receiving the gift card.
NFT Project/Artist/IP:
Display branded gift card on Binance App
Integrate branded gift cards as a community task for NFT whitelist or giveaways
Token Project:
Reward your community with branded gift card airdrop
Incentivize community to share branded Gift Cards for greater reach
Corporate & Reward Platform:
Reward customers while increasing brand awareness
Attract crypto enthusiasts and expand your audience
GameFi & Play-to-Earn Games:
Provide in-game rewards via branded gift cards
Ask users to circulate branded gift cards to earn rewards
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What is the difference between Binance Gift Cards and Binance Code?
Binance Gift Card primarily serves as a way to send customized crypto gifts to your friends and family. Binance Code allows simple and secure crypto transfer and exchange through secured codes. It also supports instant Binance Code creation, balance check and redemption via API.
What is Binance Code and how to apply?
Binance Code allows simple crypto transfer and exchange through secured and prepaid codes. It also supports instant Binance Code creation, balance check and redemption via API. To apply for Binance Code, check out our guide to get started..
How to become a Binance Code partner and set up Binance Code API?
As a Binance Code distributor, you can expand your business by reselling Binance Codes. As a Binance Code P2P merchant, you can create your own crypto trading business on your platform and benefit from crypto arbitrage. As a Binance Code exchange/broker, you may allow your users to use Binance Code as a cheaper and faster alternative method for crypto deposit, transfer, or withdrawal.Click here for more information on how to become a Binance Code partner and how to set up Binance Code API.
How do I redeem Binance Code?
Upon receiving your Binance Code, follow these simple steps to redeem it. Once you have redeemed the Binance Code, the crypto will be fully credited to your Binance funding wallet.
What is bulk create?
Bulk create is a function featured on the Binance Gift Card homepage to allow users to create a larger quantity of Binance Codes on the web in a few quick steps. If you wish to send them in the form of a Gift Card, you may select your preferred design from our wide Card store collection.
How do I bulk create Binance Codes?
After logging into your Binance account, head to the Binance Gift Card homepage and follow our step-by-step tutorial to create your first bulk order. After downloading the codes, you can send the codes to both Binance and non-Binance users.
What is the difference between Bulk Create and Binance Code API?
Both Bulk Create and Binance Code API allow you to create Binance Codes. Binance Code API allows your business to instantly balance check, create and redeem codes without the need to do so on our webpage. For the non-tech-savvy, you can choose to create Binance Codes in bulk on the web in a few simple steps instead.
As an NFT Project owner/artist, how can I get involved with Binance Gift Card?
The Binance Gift Card X NFT branding program gives you a great opportunity to cultivate your brand, engage your community and increase the reach of your NFT project or art. For more information on the benefits and how to apply, check out our blog post/webpage.