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Affiliate Content Program
Browse fresh topics. Create compelling content. Earn top rewards.
In addition to earning 300 BUSD–guaranteed–for creating qualifying content on select monthly topics, you can now unlock commission based rewards depending on the content topic you choose to write about. Simply, submit content on one of the topics below to unlock your content reward. Start monetizing your content by clicking the button below!
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Content Challenges - May 2022
Fiat Content Challenge
How to Buy Altcoins with a Credit Card in 5 Easy Steps
P2P Content Challenge
How I made $X {choose currency and amount} in profit in just X days/hours {choose time} by trading crypto on Binance P2P
Liquid Swap Content Challenge
Trade using Swap farming and claim BNB rewards
Futures Content Challenge
Benefits of trading on Binance Futures with Multi-Assets Mode
Margin Content Challenge
How to protect your assets when trading Margin?
NFT Content Challenge
Why you should consider giving NFTs as gifts and How to give NFTs as a Gift
Dual Investment Content Challenge
Key Benefits of Dual Investment
Loans Content Challenge
Can I get a crypto loan without collateral on Binance?
Brand Content Challenge
Check back next month for brand
YouTube Content Challenge
Ongoing content challenge Click [Detailed rules].
News Content Challenge
Ongoing content challenge Click [Detailed rules].
Social Content Challenge
Ongoing content challenge. Click [Detailed rules].
Earn Content Challenge
Earn passive income with Savings
Submit content on any of our monthly topics to unlock the lastest rewards
Submitting more content means more commission and rewards
20% commission for 3 months + 300 in BUSD
Liquid Swap
15% commission for 3 months + 300 in BUSD
Dual Investment
3% commission for 3 months + 300 in BUSD
$5 for every fiat deposit ≥ $100 + 300 in BUSD
$5 for every P2P deposit ≥ $100 + 300 in BUSD
15% off interest rates + 300 in BUSD
Up to 800 in BUSD
Up to 400 in BUSD
300 in BUSD
300 in BUSD
One-on-one content coaching
Reward for top creators
Top creators who bring over 1,000 in referral traffic or 5,000 in content views will share a 10,000 in BUSD prize pool.
Minimum requirements
Must submit eligible content based on the product’s content topic to unlock any of the above rewards.
Please note that the traffic of your referral link, total views, total likes, and overall quality of your content is considered during the scoring process. To qualify for award consideration, you must earn a minimum of 18 out of 30 points.
How Does It Work?
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Select your topic
Select the topic that you would like to create content for and confirm your participation by clicking the “Sign-up” button. Please make sure to thoroughly read through the “Detailed rules” section under the task that you want to create content for before getting started. New topics will be added on the first of each month and will expire after one month.
Terms and Conditions
Affiliates are eligible to win both ranking-based rewards and special rewards.
Affiliates who plagiarize or fabricate content will no longer be eligible to participate in our Affiliate Monthly Rewards Program.
Content must be submitted by the last day of each month in order to be eligible for rewards.
Content evaluation
Binance reserves the right of final interpretation. Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the Program or Program Rules at our sole discretion.
Rule modification
By participating in this program, authorship remains with the participant, but the participant acknowledges to transfer the copyright of the submitted works to Binance. All participants grant Binance, including but not limited to, copy, edit, display and publish the submissions.
Posting content
Binance reserves the right to update, modify, revise, and repost any content that is submitted in this challenge without giving any further notice.