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🎥 WATCH: Binance Talks: AI & Web3


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Talks is an online talk show hosted on Binance Live and Youtube.

  • The monthly show dives into crypto and bitcoin hot topics and features expert guests, panel discussions, and audience giveaways.

  • Our second session focuses on AI & Web3 – streamed on March 16 at 2PM UTC.

Join us, and our guests, on Binance Live as we learn more about how AI can change the Web3 space. We will also explore the possibilities of bridging the worlds of AI and NFTs.

Watch Binance Talks: AI & Web 3 now on Binance Live!

It’s not just ChatGPT that’s grabbing people’s attention. Artificial intelligence is now being used across a variety of businesses and sectors, as well as securing a central role in the growth of the tech industry. Indeed, 2023 is shaping up to be the year of AI.

If you’re still trying to get your head around how all this will impact Web3, then we’ve got exactly what you need. The latest edition of our online show, Binance Talks, will dive into the hot topic of AI and Web3 with the help of an expert panel of guests.

Each month, Binance Talks tunes into the community’s hottest conversations at the forefront of blockchain technology. Viewers can easily watch via Binance Live or YouTube, and there are even a few giveaways for lucky audience members.

What to Expect From Binance Talks: AI & Web3

How will AI change the Web3 space?

Our first session will help you understand the key areas where we can expect to see AI innovation in the Web3 space, as well as explore the potential effects of AI on our security. We’ll also touch on what kind of integrations are possible when it comes to AI and blockchain and how we can use AI within crypto education. 

Discussing the topic will be Mayur Kamat, Binance’s Head of Product, and Arif Khan, Alethea AI’s CEO and co-founder.

Bridging the AI and NFT worlds

The conversation will proceed to the main use cases for AI and NFTs — from using AI to generate NFT artwork to utilizing AI for NFT trading. We’ll also discuss what this means for the metaverse and how NFT tech and AI can be merged in the future.

Joining us for the discussion will be Web3 speaker, trainer, and Digital Art Experiences Creator, Tammy Lovin, along with Binance’s NFT Growth Manager, Kelano.eth.

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