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New tools to manage your Company, SMSF and Family Trust accounts invested in Crypto



  • Provide your financial professional view-only access to your trading account

  • Download a years worth of Spot Trading data 

  • Download a Holding Statement for the snapshot of your holding balance at a specific date

  • Organise your accounts by utilising our sub-account functionality 

We know managing accounts in the name of entities can be complex, especially during tax time. Start using our new tools to ease the management of your entity portfolio.

1. Create sub-trading accounts under your entity

Did you know our sub-account functionality allows you to trade through multiple accounts? Yep, now you can use it to easily divide responsibilities and manage transactions more efficiently and securely. This functionality is suitable for those who have a trading team and need to trade with multiple strategies, or those who need to separate their assets for risk management purposes. 

To understand more, visit our FAQs on sub accounts here

2. Give your financial professional view-access to your portfolio 

We’ve been working hard over the Summer break and are pleased to announce the launch of our new Custom Login function. Account users who enable sub-accounts (see above), can create Custom Login Accounts. These accounts grant read-only access to the trade and order histories of the Master Accounts and the related sub-accounts, as well as the spot asset balances and deposit addresses of the Master Accounts. This functionality may become handy during tax time. 

To understand more, visit our FAQs on sub-accounts here

3. Download a years worth of spot trade history

Speaking of tax, we’ve made it easier for you to download a year's worth of spot trading history. Save it for your own records or send it to your accountant, hey you can even print it out and put it in a lever arch file, we don’t mind! Just store it somewhere securely. 

To understand more, visit our FAQs on downloading trading history here

4. Download your Holding Statement

Lastly, your accountant may also want to see a Holding Statement for a specified date, now you can download directly for your records. 

To understand more, visit our FAQs on downloading a Holding Statement here

New to Binance? Open a Binance account in the name of your Company, SMSF or Family Trust here. Got questions? Read our FAQ on How to Open an Entity Account with Binance Australia. 

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Binance is not responsible for your trading losses.