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Deposit AUD via PayID to Buy Bitcoin in Australia, now available on the Binance App!


Binance Australia has added Australian Dollar (AUD) deposits via PayID/Osko to the Binance app. You can now deposit AUD with zero fees via PayID transfers directly from your Australian bank account. PayID/Osko is a popular instant interbank payment method supported by over 100 banks and credit unions in Australia. 

Download the Binance app and start depositing AUD today!

Zero-Fee AUD Deposits on the go!

With this launch, Australian users can now conveniently deposit AUD into their Binance accounts from the app anytime, anywhere. This opens more opportunities for you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while you are out and about - never miss out on the market no matter where you are.

Why use PayID?

  • Free. AUD deposits via PayID are entirely free! No hidden fees, ever.

  • Instant 24/7. Depending on your bank’s policies, your subsequent PayID deposits should be instant, even on a weekend or public holiday!

  • Easy. You’re only 3 clicks away to getting your PayID. Get AUD into your Binance account faster than any exchange in Australia. (Check out the guide below)

  • Secure. Binance Australia generates unique PayIDs for each user. No more worrying about misspelling or accidentally leaving out payment descriptions (none needed!).

  • Widest coverage. PayID/Osko payments are supported by over 100 Australian banks and credit unions, including the big four Australian banks.

Take advantage of free AUD deposits to securely buy Bitcoin via the Binance app (available on IOS or Android) today.

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