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Binance Australia: Market update for February 2022


Welcome to our February monthly newsletter from Binance Australia, where we discuss the news impacting crypto markets.


In a rapidly evolving situation, Russian President Vladamir Putin has ordered targeted attacks across Ukraine in an operation to demilitarise the country, drawing immediate condemnation from global leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden. Biden has released sanctions targeting Russia’s sale of sovereign debt abroad, Western nations have agreed to exclude some Russian banks from the international SWIFT messaging system and the EU has approved 450 million euros to aid Ukraine for lethal weapons. Closer to home, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has imposed sanctions against Russia, placing financial and travel bans on Russian officials, as well as banks linked to state and military. The geopolitical risk is causing further uncertainty in global markets as Russia supplies 45.6% of Palladium and 15.1% of Platinum to the globe. Furthermore, Russia supplies almost one third of all natural gas to Europe, binding their energy dependency to Russia. 

Market volatility continues to be a presence since the Feds release of minutes from the FOMC last month. Inflation was the driver to raise rates in March and shrink the balance sheet in an attempt to tighten credit conditions. Despite the volatility and geopolitical crisis, the NASDAQ is reasonably flat on the month. 


February has proved to be another interesting month for Bitcoin and the entire crypto market. The first two weeks of the month saw prices rally off the January lows at $33K to about $45k, dipping to the lower end of the range at the time of this report at $37.6k. BTC is still struggling to rid itself from multi-month sell pressure. The weekly chart is proving to leave wicks on the upside, indicating sellers are still in control.


Last month we saw ETH being slower to recover from its lows in comparison to BTC. ETH has been experiencing larger drawdowns than BTC. ETH has been unable to reclaim any significant resistance labels during the month apart from two short instances of poking above $3k, which were not sustained. 


Total Value Locked is still holding strong, indicating good demand for DeFi applications. ETH still accounts for ~55.82% of TVL, followed by Terra, BSC and Fantom at 10.2%, 6% and 5.6%, respectively. 

In the news

  • Fidelity as kickstarted the process with the SEC to launch two ETFs to track crypto + metaverse companies 

  • Reddit tests allow users to set any NFT as their pfp

  • Visa states crypto-linked card usage to hits $2.5B in first quarter, over 70% of 2021 volume. 

  • Diem, the ambitious crypto project from out of Meta (Facebook), is officially over 

  • Jump Trading backstops Wormhole’s $320M hack 

  • Sequoia Capital is launching a $500m crypto fund to invest in digital assets. 

  • Metaverse Lambos are here > buy NFT > get lambo > sell lambo > buy an NFT lambo. Lamborghini releases its first NFT project

And that’s all folks. 

All values are in USD


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