Anybody who has been active in crypto over the last six months knows how hot memecoins are. This vertical, once viewed as wildly speculative and more akin to gambling, has evolved into something more significant. Memecoins now play an essential role in the culture, and many of the best cryptocurrencies to buy are these on-chain gems.One crypto fund, Mechanism Capital, has based its 2024 positions on tokens and projects related to Donald Trump. Trump and Pump? Trump coins and NFTs are skyrocketing as other memecoins like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) start turning heads.Donald Trump An Attention Magnet: The Perfect Memecoin Figurehead? Politics aside, few would fail to recognize Trump’s uncanny ability to monopolize attention. Mechanism Capital is betting on exactly that and has taken positions in Trump-related NFTs and memecoins. While at first glance, this may seem like an absurd bet for a sophisticated crypto fund to make, the logic behind this strategy is brilliant.It is an election year, and 2024 will be one enormous new cycle. Every time Trump does or says something provocative, it will drive attention to these proxy investments, and even if Trump does not win, he will generate mass attention. The leading token in the portfolio and the top crypto to invest in for anybody who wants to mimic this strategy is $TRUMP.It has shown incredible trading volumes and is deployed on Solana ($SOL) and Ethereum ($ETH). Donald Trump himself holds over $1 million of these tokens, and if he dumps them, it is great because of the media attention. If he supports them, it is even better. Election years are always exciting, and the ability to long either party via proxy tokens will make this race even more exhilarating. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Closes In On $4 Million

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Galaxy Fox is the other memecoin turning heads, and tracking its presale funding levels, it is easy to see why. Most memecoins die before crossing the $1 million market cap level. When a memecoin crosses this valley of doubt, the potential is there for it to go from zero to hero in a matter of weeks/ months. Could Galaxy Fox be the leader among the best cryptocurrencies to buy, and will it recreate a $BONK-style rally later this month?Instead of following the plain generic memecoin route, Galaxy Fox has introduced some upgrades. Its staking rewards program pays out yield correlated to ecosystem activity, making these stakers stakeholders in the ecosystem. A classic token burn guarantees a deflationary supply, but the real attention grabber is the integration of an addictive play-to-earn runner game.Every season, the top 20% of the leaderboard earn prizes, and players can even mint one of Galaxy Fox’s NFTs to gain special in-game bonuses. These NFTs can be freely traded on the marketplace, and all of this ecosystem activity feeds back to reward stakers. The combination of passive income and a declining supply creates a powerful earning tool, making $GFOX an ideal crypto for beginners dipping their toes in the memecoin arena. 

Closing Thoughts: Memecoins Ready to Rip

Memecoins are the best cryptocurrencies to buy this cycle for anybody seeking 100X returns. While $TRUMP is an absolutely solid play, it already has a market cap of $100 million. A larger market cap means more capital to move the price. Meanwhile, $GFOX has a far more nimble market cap of $3 million.The Galaxy Fox launch promises to be one of 2024’s top events, and blending a memecoin exterior with a play-to-earn core when GameFi and memes are running red hot is an easy recipe to 100X. Join the presale today and get your $GFOX while it is still heavily undervalued!

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