According to Odaily, a document disclosed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveals that Tether, the issuer of UST, currently holds a 25% stake in the Bitcoin mining company Bitdeer. This makes the company behind Tether (USDT) the second-largest shareholder of BTC mining shares, only surpassed by Victory Courage Ltd. It is reported that the latter is registered under the name of Wu Jihan.

Tether's significant stake in Bitdeer underscores its influence in the Bitcoin mining industry. The company's position as the second-largest shareholder further solidifies its standing within the cryptocurrency sector. The largest shareholder, Victory Courage Ltd., is reportedly registered under the name of Wu Jihan, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world.

This development comes amidst a time of increased scrutiny and regulation within the cryptocurrency industry. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's disclosure of this information highlights the transparency sought within this rapidly evolving sector. The implications of Tether's stake in Bitdeer are yet to be fully understood, but it is clear that the company's influence within the Bitcoin mining industry is significant.