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Large Crypto OTC Block Trading of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

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70+ Coins Traded So Far

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Crypto OTC & Bitcoin OTC Trading In 2 Easy Steps!

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Create an Account on Binance and Have it Verified

Create an account on Binance or log-in if you already have one. To trade OTC, your Binance account needs to be verified.



Click the Trade button below to start trading on our OTC Trading Portal.

Contact us

If you would like to trade coins that are not on the OTC Trading Portal, fill out the "Trade Request" form once you are logged in with your KYC verified account. Please refer to our email or Telegram if you need any help. Make sure to also join our Telegram channel on the right for research reports, weekly updates, and fun polls!

Why Binance OTC Trading?

Wir bieten eine personalisierte Möglichkeit für Benutzer, große Blockgrößen schnell und sicher zu handeln. Unser Trading Desk konzentriert sich auf mehr als nur den OTC-Handel mit Bitcoin. Wir können den Krypto-zu-Krypto-Handel mit fast jedem auf Binance gelisteten Coin, wie z.B. den Handel von BTC zu Stablecoin, Altcoin zu BTC, Altcoin zu Stablecoin und sogar nicht gelistete Paare wie den Handel von Altcoin zu Altcoin, ermöglichen. Wir bieten einen tiefen Liquiditätspool an, insbesondere auf den Altcoinmärkten (auch für Alts mit einer niedrigen Marktkapitalisierung).

Die Abwicklung erfolgt innerhalb des Binance-Ökosystems und wird in der Regel innerhalb von Minuten abgeschlossen. Es gibt keine 3. Partei, keine Notwendigkeit, eine neue Wallet zu erstellen, und keine Notwendigkeit, auf Blockchain-Transaktionen zu warten. Die Coins, mit denen du handelst, werden einfach manuell von unserem Team auf dein Konto ein- und ausgezahlt.

Wir mögen es, problemlos und schnell zu sein und gleichzeitig alle Sicherheitsprotokolle auf Binance strikt einzuhalten. Unser Trading Desk respektiert die Privatsphäre. Details zu den Handelsgeschäften findest du in der Rubrik "Verteilungshistorie" auf deinem Konto. Wir führen OTC-Handel auf vertrauliche Weise ohne nennenswerte Auswirkungen auf die Märkte durch.

The Binance Trading Advantage


Personalized Service

Every user and every block trade is unique, so we like to discuss trades directly over chat. Our team will be there to work with you every step of the way from onboarding to pricing to trade settlement, or even just to chat about the markets!


Large Number of Coins, Pairs Offered

As the leading crypto-to-crypto exchange, we have a wide array of coins listed. Binance Trading supports block trades in most coins listed on the exchange, and even on pairs that are not listed (e.g. trading directly from one altcoin to another)


Quick Pricing

At the core of our OTC trading service is a constant mission to provide a fast pricing process that lets you request for and receive price quotes within minutes.


Fast Settlement

With Binance Trading, settlement occurs directly in your Binance account and is typically done within minutes. No need to involve another party and complicate the process.


Smooth User Experience

Block trade discussions happen on chat, and a trade can be confirmed in as quickly as a few minutes from the time you reach out to us for a price.


Reduced Counterparty Risk

With Binance Trading, you only ever need to send coins to your binance account. Your coins stay in your account until we are ready to settle, at which point we will swap coins in/out of your account.

For more details on trading Crypto OTC with Binance Trading, please join our Telegram channel or email us at tradedesk1@binance.com


QThe coins that I want to trade are not on the OTC Trading Portal.
APlease enter your trade request in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Complete the Form

Fill out the short form once you are logged in with your KYC-verified account. If you cannot open the form, please refer to our email or Telegram for help.

QCan I use either an individual (personal) KYC verified account or a corporate (entity) KYC verified account?
AYes, both individual and corporate KYC verified accounts are able to trade.