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How to Participate in Voting Polls with Binance Fan Token

How to Participate in Voting Polls with Binance Fan Token

2021-10-21 13:51
Binance Fan Tokens allow users to support and engage with the teams they love. By holding Binance Fan Tokens, fans have a unique opportunity to influence the outcome of important team decisions reserved for token holders via exclusive voting rights.
Each fan who holds some amount of tokens is eligible to participate in Voting Polls and decide what their favorite club should do next.

How to participate in Binance Fan Token Voting Polls?

1. Visit the Binance Fan Token platform and choose your favorite team from the ‘Featured Teams’ section. Alternatively, you can access the latest voting polls by scrolling down to the voting feature on the platform's main page.
2. On the team page, scroll down and you will find ‘Voting Polls’ below the description and chart sections.
3. In order to participate in a Fan Voting Poll, you will need to own some amount of Binance Fan Token from your favorite team. If you don’t own any tokens yet, buy or exchange using one of the available options described on our Binance Fan Token FAQ page.
4. Participate in various fan voting polls to support your teams and influence important fan decisions, future events, and activities. The types of voting polls are:
  • Engagement voting: the result is not tied to a certain action. The final result won’t give rewards. Example: “Who is your favorite player
  • Fan decision voting poll: Actions will be taken by the team or coach once a voting poll is closed and results are announced. Example: “What color of tie do you want the coach to wear?“. This feature will soon be available after the platform launch.
6. Finally, confirm your vote in the pop-up window.
7. Track the status of voting polls and come visit the platform for regular updates. Once the voting ends, there will be a waiting period before the final result is shown. After the final result is shown, users will be able to see further updates.