Global car rental agency Enterprise Holdings files ten NFT and Metaverse trademark applications. 

Mike Kondoudis, the United States Patent and Trademark Office licensed trademark attorney, shared the applications that cover three car rental brands: Enterprise, National, and Alamo. According to Kondoudis’ tweet, Enterprise Holdings plans to issue NFTs and any other downloadable digital media related to digital vehicles and their parts. Then, the company aims to develop downloadable virtual computer programs that include automobiles. More than that, Enterprise will reportedly offer metaverse-related rewards programs and promotions that would provide customers with virtual goods and services.

Michael Kondoudis

In addition, Mike Kondoudis has shared that The University of Alabama has filed six NFT and metaverse trademark applications. The institution plans to create NFTs that contain artwork, text, audio, and video. Moreover, the University of Alabama reportedly plans to provide financial brokerage services, issue tokens, and create online retail store services featuring virtual merchandise. 

Michael Kondoudis

Last week saw several well-known companies file Metaverse, NFT, and crypto trademark applications. Among these is Swiss watchmaker Rolex, which plans to develop downloadable computer software, virtual goods, NFTs, and NFT marketplaces. Tech giant Meta Platforms also filed four Metaverse trademark applications, intending to release VR, AR, and mixed-reality computer hardware.

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