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Question: What is web3 ? Answer: Web3 is the next evolution of the internet that enables decentralized, peer-to-peer interactions through blockchain technology.
Question: What is web3 ?

Answer: Web3 is the next evolution of the internet that enables decentralized, peer-to-peer interactions through blockchain technology.
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😥 99% of traders WILL fail. That is because they lack the proper skills and mindset to succeed. Here's how to be in the 1%: • Have a plan Nobody starts a business without a solid plan. Trading shouldn't be any different. You need a SOLID plan that involves • Trade setups you will take • Tickers you will trade • Sizing you will use • Risk management plan • Research If you can't come up with something like this then you're just gambling and you will end up in the graveyard of busted accounts. • Be realistic A couple of people on the internet turned $100 to $1m and every new trader now thinks they will become a millionaire in a few months. Then when they're down $20k in a few months trying to “yolo” on meme coins they say the market is rigged and give up. Realistically you need to be prepared to work and gather experience for a few years before seeing profit. That timeframe is different for everyone but understanding that it won't be fast is very important. • Keep yourself accountable When working for yourself, you are the only person who keeps yourself in check. You need to cultivate enough discipline to keep yourself aligned with your plan and goals. Most people live very undisciplined lives and this is reflected in their failed attempts at trading. • Think long term “I've never lost a game. I just ran out of time.” - Michael Jordan Keep yourself in the game. Think years not days. If you go all in and bust your account today you did yourself a disservice by not allowing yourself the time to grow and learn. Take your time. Give yourself a proper shot at changing your life. Becoming a successful trader isn't luck. It's 99% hard work and mental struggle. Approach it smartly and don't rush the process. You got this. Anyone can do it, but not everybody will.
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😥 I lost ALL my savings when I first started day trading. Here's how I did it and what I learned from losing over $60,000 Starting my trading journey, I lost a staggering $60k. While painful, it was also enlightening. I was eager to dive in and make quick profits, but I realized that without due diligence and adequate preparation, I was setting myself up for failure. Emotions Are Tricky Letting fear or greed dictate my decisions often led to impulsive moves. Trading requires a cool, rational mindset, not an emotional rollercoaster. Education is Key My loss underscored the importance of thoroughly understanding market mechanics and having a proper plan before risking more money. Risk Management Matters Betting too much on a single trade or not setting stop losses magnified my losses. Proper risk management is foundational to long-term success. Stick to a Strategy I often jumped from one method to another without giving any real chance. Consistency and commitment to a tested strategy are crucial. Beware of Hype Getting swayed by hot tips or peoples call outs in discord groups led me astray at first. It's essential to do one's own research and not get swayed by the crowd. The Market Owes You Nothing. I had to accept that the market is indifferent. It doesn't owe anyone profits, and believing otherwise led to a false sense of entitlement. Keep Emotions in Check After a loss, my urge to "win" it back with aggressive trades was strong. But this revenge trading only dug a deeper hole. Accountability and Reflection Owning up to my mistakes and regularly reviewing my trades helped me understand where I went wrong and how to avoid repeating those errors. Losing $30k was a tough pill to swallow, but it was also an investment in my trading education. These lessons, learned the hard way, became the foundation for my later success. Always remember: In every loss is a stepping stone to success.
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👉 It took me 5+ years of time and money before I found a SINGLE Swing trading strategy that was profitable: In this post I’ll teach you: How To Make $1,000/Day Trading Even If You Have A Full-Time Job👇 1) What is Swing Trading? Swing trading is a trading strategy that capitalizes on the longer-term price movements of stock compared to day trading. Who is it Best For? Swing trading is best for people who don't have the TIME to always MONITOR trades. 2) Why Should You Swing Trade? To swing trade you use a higher timeframe compared to day trading this is usually the 4-hour timeframe. Due to this the 3 benefits you have: - More Opportunities To Identify Short Term Trades - Less Noise - Increased Profits (Bigger Moves) 3) Swing Trading Strategy Now, there is no need to overcomplicate swing trading. In this post, we will simply use support and resistance to trade and enter by identifying the trend and just riding the momentum of the coin 4) Trends Personally, I only trade up or down trends I don’t trade sideways (range) action. An uptrend is made of higher highs and higher lows. You should buy the stock hoping its value will rise while in an uptrend. A downtrend is the opposite of an uptrend. 5) Trading Strategy What we will be looking for on the 4-hour is a coin that has already established these higher highs and lows and we will try to enter on the pullback. This means we will enter on a higher low. 6) What Are We Looking For? We want to enter the stock on the 4 hour where we have the best reward and lowest risk. I hope this post helped you understand that even with a full-time job you can become a profitable trader. Like for part 2 with example...
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